Most worthwhile places in Southeast Asia

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The first step for many people to go abroad is to go to Southeast Asia, because visas are easier to handle than European and American countries.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This town has no gentle beaches to kill time, no luxury shopping malls for crazy shopping, and some are just near-solidified time and people's feelings of extremely comfortable quiet.

As a small city in Southeast Asian countries, the consumption here is low and the cost of living is low, but it does not affect the comfort of life at all.

Every street here makes people want to take pictures. Two people in love walk through this place and look at the world in hand, the beauty will double.

Myanmar · Bagan

Myanmar is a "land of thousands of Buddhas", where time seems to be still, and nature and modern civilization are fused. Once in it, it is definitely a spiritual practice. You can rent a horse-drawn carriage to explore the city slowly, or you can take a hot air balloon to look down in the sky. Bagan's sunrise and sunset are superb, so don't miss it.

Vietnam Da Nang

Camellia Peninsula-My Khe Beach-Five Elements Mountain-World Heritage Hoi An Ancient City-Vietnam Mud Bath-Special Drip Coffee

Everyone who has been to Da Nang will sigh heartily. The beauty of Vietnam is in Da Nang. Beautiful Beach one of the favorite vacation destinations for foreigners.

If you compare the sea to the most beautiful woman in the world, then the sea in Da Nang is the most calm of the thousands of beautiful women.

Malaysia Semporna

Semporna, a place that floats on the sea and is as beautiful as a fairyland and as a paradise. This mint-colored sea is so blue and stunningly green that no one can resist this pure beauty.

In this blue sea and blue sky,there are coral sceneries comparable to the Great Barrier Reef, and there are countless unknown fish hidden among the corals.

Cambodia Angkor Wat

Angkor Temple is considered to be the largest religious building in the world, with a large scale, perfectly symmetrical shapes, and exquisite reliefs, reflecting the peak of Khmer classical architectural art.

As one of the four miracles of ancient East, Angkor Wat makes people feel a kind, the smile on the face of Buddha, will let you put down all vigilance and uneasiness, and integrate into their culture.

In addition to admiring the architecture of Angkor Temple itself, the shocking sunrise here is also a point of attraction for tourists.


Bali is a perfect elopement island,There is a sunny beach coast, terraced coconut palm temples, and reinforced concrete lattice rooms away from the city, making people feel calm and comfortable.

You can go to the Uluwatu cliff to enjoy the sunset, and enjoy the tranquility on the South Kuta coast. When you return to the "village" of Ubud village, you will discover the aesthetics of life in the valley and watch the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones.

The original flavor of nature and the beautiful emotions of human beings are intertwined here.

Thailand Krabi

Krabi, located in the south of Thailand .There are more than 30 outlying islands scattered scattered around the whole sea like pearls.

The water here is warm and clear, the waterfalls are endless, and wild animals are everywhere.

Most countries in Southeast Asia are visa-free and cheap and convenient.

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Wow! Gorgeous places! Alluring!

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