lets go! Travel is the best life 

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4 years ago

Travel makes your heart fly

Traveling just provides such an opportunity,

Go out and see a different world,

Let us free ourselves from our imprisonment,

Re-examine yourself, find yourself back,

Enough rest, fly back again,

Continue to face your own life.

Travel is worry-free

Carrying a backpack is a passenger,

Letting go of your burden is your hometown!

All kinds of travelling,

Colorful world,

Cute and honest people ...

It makes people forget the tiredness of the journey,

Forget the noisy city and the trivial life,

Man comes from nature, asks nothing, disputes nothing,

Just to meet those unknown unexpected!

It ’s beautiful to meet, especially unprepared,

Looking forward to, looking forward to,

At that glance, enough feet warmed the whole journey.

One person, one road,

On the way, my heart moves with the scene,

From the beginning to the end,

Maybe happy, maybe lonely,

If the heart is far away, just go bravely,

Your dream will lead the way,

How far, how far, connect the footprint into a lifeline.

Life is a journey full of unknowns,

I care about the scenery along the way,

It ’s the mood to see the scenery,

No travel,

Because the beautiful scenery ends.

The road traveled becomes the scenery behind,

Can't look back, can't stay,

If you stay here,

Will miss better scenery,

Keep a peace and a sober mind.

Enjoy every moment and enjoy the scenery.

lets go

Travel is the best life

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