It's time to come to Iceland to drill the blue ice hole! 

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Winter is here, it's time to come to Iceland to experience the winter-limited blue ice cave! If you don't know much about Iceland's blue ice caves.

What is Blue Ice Cave?

First of all, we need to figure out the difference between "blue ice caves" and "ice caves". Ice caves do not need to be explained too much. Everyone knows that they are caves made of ordinary ice. What is a blue ice cave?

Unlike ordinary ice caves, blue ice caves refer to ice caves that are formed under the influence of glacial meltwater under the glacier. In summer, glacial melt water cuts the bottom of the glacier, constructing melt water channels of various shapes and sizes. In the cold winter, these channels will freeze into ice, forming beautiful blue ice caves.

Blue ice caves are natural phenomena. Each blue ice cave is naturally formed and is a unique masterpiece of nature. So the location, size and shape of the blue ice cave will change every year.

Where is Iceland's Blue Ice Cave?

Iceland's Blue Ice Cave is mainly located in Vatnajökull. It takes about 5-6 hours to drive from Reykjavik, so if you plan to visit Iceland's Blue Ice Cave, it is recommended that you reserve at least 2 days. Time between Reykjavik and Vatnajökull.

Blue ice caves are generally only available in months?

Generally speaking, the access time of the Blue Ice Cave is from November to March of the following year, but because the Blue Ice Cave is a natural phenomenon and is greatly affected by factors such as weather and temperature, this time may be shortened or extended .

I join the Blue Ice Cave tour?

Can I go to Blue Ice Cave by myself?

To visit the Blue Ice Cave, you must participate in a blue ice cave tour group led by a professional guide. Do not go by yourself. This is very dangerous.

First, it is difficult to find a blue ice cave without the exact location coordinates of the blue ice cave. Secondly, it is extremely dangerous to walk on the glacier without the guidance and safety equipment of a professional guide. Problems such as ice falling, melting, and cracks in the glacier will endanger your personal safety and even pay the price of life.

So if you want to come to Iceland to admire the beautiful blue ice caves, remember not to go by yourself, you must choose a blue ice cave tour group led by a professional guide.

This year's blue ice cave is now open, so hurry up and come to Iceland to experience the unique blue ice cave!

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