Iceland travel guide, these are dry goods 

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The weather is so hot,

Is there a place where you can imagine the cold coming upon hearing the name?

And is it a real summer resort?

Of course, there are only the best friends in the world who want to cool down.

That is Iceland !

Iceland is said to be the coldest, gentlest, purest and most passionate country in the world.

The natural scenery is original and pure, and the scenery is bizarre and rich. In the small island country, there are countless hot springs, glaciers and waterfalls, as well as thin geysers, active volcanoes, and vast grasslands.

In summer, there are cool breezes and greenery, and there is almost no night.

What to wear to travel to Iceland

Traveling to Iceland should pay attention to rain, and wearing a layer inside the jacket is not easy to inflate. Sweater or fleece, with strong warmth.

Food recommendation

1. Roasted leg of lamb

Delicious and juicy leg of lamb, put the ingredients in the oven and slowly roast for 2 hours. When eating, slice it with sauce, potatoes, and side dishes. It is the first choice for weekend family dinners in Iceland.

2. Dried Icelandic Fish

Dried Icelandic fish has no seasonings other than salt, but the umami of the fish is smooth with butter and milk, making this snack a place in the Icelandic stomach.

3. Whale Meat

The Icelandic cooking of whale meat is unexpectedly simple. Cut the meat into large pieces of meat one centimeter thick, and then fry each side for one minute to eat. The ingredients can simply add salt and pepper, and then add a little paprika.

4. Pancakes

There are many ways to eat, the simpler is to spread the pancakes and sprinkle with a layer of sugar, put jam, cream, and then eat together with fruit.

Recommended places


Looking at the Northern Lights on countless people's "Will List", it has a strong appeal for travelers who love cold weather. They will all arrive in Iceland, while praying for good viewing conditions, while looking up at the sky.

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park, located near Reykjavik, is the oldest democratic parliament meeting place in the world, and now it has become a place for the Icelandic people to celebrate events. The National Park is close to the Icelandic Rift Valley, which is the boundary between the Eurasian and American plates.

Grand geyser

The most famous geyser is the Geysir geyser, which means explosion spring in Icelandic. Its highest water spray height ranks the top of all geysers and geysers in Iceland, and it has become one of the world's famous geysers.

Akureyri Cathedral

Akureyri Cathedral is located in the center of the town and is the same designer as Reykjavik ’s Hallgrim Church, and its appearance is very simple. It is a good choice to enjoy the aurora on the steps outside the church. 

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