How many of the most beautiful towns in the world have you been to? 

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The ideal life is probably in a sunny town with flowers on the branches and green on the ground. No arrangements, reading books, drinking tea, chatting, listening to music, walking.

Maybe, if it is possible, at a corner, just meet another person, not sooner or later, to spend the rest of their lives together.


This is an Italian town that jumps out of the fairy tale world, and some people call it "the paradise town".

It is as pure as the world constructed in the fairy tale, with a small spire of small houses rolling up and down, strolling on the quiet "Paradise Trail" of the town, like walking in a magic village. Even if you have tasted the sunshine, humanities, art, and street scenes all over the world, you can still poke your weaknesses at once.

Colmar Town

The wooden houses make the small town full of strong Alsace style. People call it the mixed-race of the German-French border. The Trihe River, a tributary of the Il River, flows quietly from Colmar, and the clear river cleans up the impetuous dust, which is why so many people say that there is a magical magic here that can slow down the mood Quiet.

Small town of spero

There are often sudden beauty that is shown in unexpected ways, either on the plains or in the hills, while Spello has both. Located in the middle of Umbria, it is a small town that combines the characteristics of stone and flowers.

Wandering among towering castles, narrow ancient alleys, and wide squares, this small town built on the mountainside has all the fantasy of fairy tales in the dream.

Imperceptibly, the turbulence of the world has been wiped out, replacing the serenity, serenity and longing like nature.

Giverny Town

Giverny is located in Eure, Upper Normandy, France. It is famous for the garden of French painter Claude Monet and is one of the most loved towns in France. Every part of the town is like an impressionist landscape painting, every corner is full of poetry, and every place has beautiful touching stories.

The dazzling light trembled among sunflowers, lily of the valley, carnations, roses and hundreds of rare and rare flowers.

There is a main road in the town. You can walk along the road without missing any surprises. Flowers and grass seem to be telling the long history and touching story of the town.

Bybury Town

Bibury is known as the most beautiful village in England. Its unique architecture and natural elegance are the epitome of English style. On the one side is the Arlington townhouse built in the 14th century, and on the other side is the green eye that symbolizes this vitality. Even if you see it with your own eyes, you still can't believe the truth in front of you.

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