From wild to romantic, Rainbow Land gives you a different treasure journey!

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Speaking of Africa, people think of it

It ’s often hot, hot, and poor

Distant Africa, although not a land of paradise

But it is by no means a barren land

South Africa, beautiful natural scenery, bright cultural landscape

European style and African characteristics blend here

Diverse nations, colorful cultures

History and modernity collide here

Even better known as "Rainbow Country"

Kruger National Park

South Africa's top choice for wildlife viewing

It has the best natural environment protection and the most animal species.

Different from domestic safari

If you want to cruise in Kruger, you have to take some courage.

The tour bus is not surrounded by any wire or glass

The modified pickup with a wide open roof looks exciting!

Pursuing the Big Five in the wilderness in a convertible

African Lion, African Elephant, Black Rhino, African Leopard, African Buffalo

Dive into the most real "animal world"

Feel the wonderful fun of nature's ecology

No feeding, no intervention here

People put away emotions and respect the laws of the jungle

Animals really live here

Instead of being viewed

Also in Kruger National Park

Kapama Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa

(Kapama Game Reserve)

Experience a unique open-air stay for a night

Lie under the stars

Listening to the beast that flew away

Smell the fresh breath of flowers and trees

On the slopes of Signal Hill, Cape Town, South Africa

There is also a unique neighborhood-Malay

This is the South African influencer punch card.

Houses with unique colors on both sides

Any wall is a great background board

Do you know why the house here is so personal?

Actually, because there was no house number here

Distinguished by different colors

Created a stunning classic landmark by accident

These colorful houses

Has become a symbol of South African multiculturalism

"Rainbow Country" is also here

South Africa is one of the six well-known wine regions in the world

When you come to South Africa, wine must not be missed

Constantia Winery

Is South Africa's oldest wine estate

300 years of history

Enjoy the idyllic scenery here

And 17th-century Dutch manor buildings

Visit the wine cellar and taste the best wines

Cape of Good Hope is a very famous headland in southwestern Africa

The waves were rough due to the storm

"Storm Point"

There are many sayings about the origin of the name "Cape of Good Hope"

The most famous of them is

Portuguese explorer Dias

Commissioned by King John II of Portugal

Depart for the southernmost tip of the African continent

To open a new route to the east

Every time you sail "Cape of the Storm"

All raging and raging,

After returning to Lisbon

Dias tells the king of Portugal about "Cape of the Storm"

The king thinks to bypass this cape

There will be hope and good luck

So we renamed "Cape of Storms" to "Cape of Good Hope"

When you come to South Africa, the famous Cape of Good Hope cannot be missed.

Here, let's slow down

Feel the historical imprint of the once great sailing era

Africa doesn't mean only desert

3,000 kilometers of beautiful coastline in South Africa

West, South, East facing the sea

Speaking of penguins, everyone may think of Antarctica

Actually, there are penguins in South Africa

Penguins are Africa and its precious animals

Listed by the World Animal Protection Association

Want to watch these cute penguins

Go to Penguin Beach near Simonstown

They are scattered on the beach against the rising sun every day

Rush into the sea from time to time

It's so cute

May to July each year

The spectacular sardine migration is coming

Millions of sardines will start from the Agulhas Shoal

North along the east coast of South Africa

Although it will be intercepted by countless predators

But they still made unrelenting advances

A visual feast not inferior to the wild grasslands

South Africa is the most beautiful country .

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