Feel the mysterious India with unique faces!

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India is one of the four ancient civilizations

Endowed with countless unique faces

Full of mystery

Wide gap between rich and poor, poor and backward, curry food

Is the basic impression of India in the minds of European people

However, the moment you step into the land of India

Your travel outlook will be constantly refreshed

More than 20 World Cultural Heritage

Numerous spectacular temples and palaces

Coexistence of modern cities and spectacular slums

Hundreds of curries all over the world

Awkward singing and dancing

No matter from what angle

It's a strange existence

Backward and avant-garde, both traditional and novel

Actually India

Not exactly the same as everyone imagined

Somewhere you can't see

There are many mysteries hidden

It's dazzling beauty

A clear and peaceful Brahman

Is an old mysterious faith

New Delhi is the capital of the Republic of India. It is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. It is also the largest business center in the north of India.

New Delhi is an old and young city.

Jaima Masjid is the largest Islamic mosque in India. It is located in the northeast corner of Old Delhi.

It is one of the three largest mosques in the world, as famous as the Mecca mosque in Saudi Arabia and the Al-Azhar Grand Mosque in Cairo, Egypt.

The Lotus Temple originated from the Bahá'í Faith, and because it resembles a lotus flower, it is called the “Lotus Temple”. Lotus is regarded as a fetish in Hinduism and Buddhism, and a national flower in the minds of contemporary Indians. Therefore, the temple was loved by Indians as soon as it was completed.

The Taj Mahal is the United Nations World Cultural Heritage and the New Seven Wonders. This great building carries Shah Jahan's unending love for his beloved queen.

The Red Fort in Agra is a masterpiece of the peak period of Indian Islamic art. All are made of red sandstone, hence the name "Red Fort". In the sun, the whole castle glowed a dazzling red.

The violent dynasty of India. There are still well-preserved palaces and temples around. The city is surrounded by rolling green hills and undulating rivers and plains.

Today, Orchha is still quietly located on both banks of the Bedwa River. The pace of life is as leisurely as ever, full of tranquility.

It is said that Hindus have four great wishes throughout their lives: to worship Shiva; and drink Ganges water; to be friends with saints; to live in Varanasi.

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