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Turkey is an ancient and young country, bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, across the two continents of Eurasia. The beauty of the style is as beautiful as the carpet. Unique geographical location and pleasant climate make Turkey a paradise for tourists.

Blue mosque

In Turkey, you must be confused by the domes and minarets of hundreds of mosques, but the most famous of them is the Blue Mosque.The Blue Mosque on the Bosphorus is one of Istanbul's landmarks. Its huge circular dome is striking and spectacular. The Blue Mosque, also known as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, was ordered to be built by Ottoman Turkish Sultan Ahmet, and was named after the mosque was decorated with more than 20,000 blue tiles.

It is surrounded by 6 slender and towering minarets, full of lightness, and is the only mosque in the world with 6 towers.

Hagia Sophia

Opposite the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia is a Byzantine building that has witnessed more than 1,500 years of European history.

Galata Bridge

The elegant Galata Bridge spans the estuary of the Golden Horn and is the main bridge connecting Istanbul with the old and new urban areas. Since the 19th century, this bridge has often appeared in Turkish literary and artistic works.

Yeni Mosque

Yeni Mosque is located at the southern end of the Galata Bridge, near the Golden Horn, and is also known as the New Mosque. But it's not really "new", it's actually more than 400 years old.

The design style of this mosque emulates the Blue Mosque and Suleiman Mosque. It has a huge forecourt, with two towering Byzantines on the side, a beautiful spring in the atrium, and a series of half-domes surrounding a main dome.

You can see the wide dome, as well as the golden leaves, carved marble and colorful Iznik tile decoration, which looks very gorgeous. This mosque represents the highest level of architecture in the Turkish Empire.

Groundwater Palace

The groundwater palace is located next to the Hagia Sophia, and was an underground cistern of the Royal Palace from the Byzantine to the Ottoman period. Today, it is one of the most romantic and mysterious sights in Istanbul.

Entering the water palace is like walking into another world of Istanbul. The ears echoed with the crisp sound of water drops falling from the water surface. Carp swam in the pool occasionally. A row of dim street lamps stands on the side of the underpass, creating a quiet and distant, mysterious and hazy atmosphere.

Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace is located in the new district of Istanbul, also known as the New Palace of the Ottoman Empire. Located on the coast of the European part of the Bosporus, the building complex stretches 600 meters along the strait and covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters. The building is magnificent, with 285 internal rooms and 43 halls, showing the glory and prosperity of the Ottoman Empire.

Rainbow ladder

There are two rainbow steps near Istanbul's Modern Art Gallery, between Tophane and Findikli stations on tram line T1. This small artificial landscape has attracted many tourists to come and find out, and can take photos with artistic style.


The Galata Tower was a lighthouse built by the Byzantine emperor Anastasius in 507. It was originally built of wood and was burned down during the Crusades. It was rebuilt by stone from Genoa in 1348.

It is a landmark of Istanbul's New Town and stands on the Golden Horn. From the top of the tower, you can overlook the Bosphorus Strait and Golden Horn Bay. After nightfall, people can also enjoy the tower top restaurant and bar.

Safranbolu Town

Safranbolu is a town located in central Anatolia, Turkey. The name is derived from the saffron-rich region in this region, and it is known as the most beautiful mountain city in Turkey. The small and quiet town isolated from the world is full of white walls and red roofs. It is surrounded by the surrounding valleys, forming a gesture of isolation from the world.


Cappadocia is an off-site attraction for Star Wars. The weird terrain, the derivations of the valleys, the folds of the mountains, the curvy rivers, the scattered market towns, all in a bird's eye view.

This is also the origin of the hot air balloon. When hundreds of hot air balloons rise into the sky, as the sun and clouds continue to change, they form an open-air museum with strange stones. This experience is only for those who have actually taken hot air balloons know.


God prefers Turkey. In addition to Cappadocia, there is this white cloud. 

The 35 ° mineral-rich groundwater tumbled down from a 100-meter-high mountain and accumulated throughout the year, with milky stalactites layering on top of each other, coalescing into cotton-like rocks.

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Nice place and the picture are also good.The beach is too beautiful. Thank you so much.

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Nice! Also, beaches are really great.

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