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Nepal is a country loved by the gods, a paradise for backpackers, a destination for hikers, and a holy place for the birth of the Buddha. Its natural scenery, its unique temperament, and its mysterious religion deeply attract everyone who loves the world.

It is definitely one of the must-go places in one's life. If you haven't been to Nepal, you can't imagine that spiritual life can be so rich in a materially deprived country.

If you haven't been to Nepal, you can't imagine that you can admire the snow-capped mountains in short-sleeved places in this place with a large altitude.

If you haven't been to Nepal, you can't imagine that for little money, there are surprises hidden in the streets.

The scenery in Nepal is beautiful, and the mountains of Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, and Himalayas are all yearning for.

Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal, an ancient city with a history of more than 1,000 years. It's a little mixed and a little down here, but it's interesting and charming in the chaos. This is a rare clarification, with the most pious faith. The climate here is mild, most of the year is more comfortable and pleasant, and has the reputation of "a paradise in the mountains". Pokhara is the most famous scenic spot in Nepal, and it is much quieter than the bustling Kathmandu.

It is surrounded by mountains, nestled under the snow-covered Annapurna Mountains and Fishtail Peak. Known as "Little Switzerland in the East."

Next to the charming Lake Phewa, the latest European and American music is heard in the unique restaurants and bars by the lake.

Pokhara's lush vegetation contrasts with the magnificent snow-capped mountains, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. Chiwan is located in southern Nepal at the foot of the Himalayas. Chiwan National Park is the best wildlife park in Asia. In this dense subtropical jungle, Bengal tigers are running freely, one-horned rhinos are falling asleep, and hundreds of bird species inhabit the branches.

There are many entertainment options here, including jeep adventure, canoe drifting, crossing dense forests and bird watching are all good choices.

In addition to the wild animals to visit, you can also enjoy the typical Nepalese rural scenery here, get up close and personal with the colorful traditional culture of the Talu people, or communicate with the locals.

Patan Durbar Square is not only one of the strongest Buddhist elements in Durbar Square in Nepal, the Patan Museum is also known as one of the best museums in South Asia. The history of the Kathmandu Valley flows in this way.

You can take a slow walk at night or early in the morning to walk through the streets and explore the ancient streets. You will see the scenes of real local residents' life and gain a richer and more interesting journey experience.

Go to Pokhara and experience the cheapest paraglider in the world and the beautiful hiking route everyone aspires to

You can also take a walk on Lake Fewa in the morning or evening;

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I kept my mouth open! I would really like to visit that country. Hug from Portugal

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