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Speaking of Britain's most iconic rural beauty, the British will definitely mention the Cotswolds. But in fact Cotswolds is not a small town name, but a legal special natural beauty area in Britain, covering many small towns, and has no practical significance in actual administrative divisions.

1. About the Cotswolds "Cots + wolds" in Old English means hills where sheep flock. This place on the southwest side of the UK and at least three hours away from the west of London is geographically located between Oxford and Bath and Stonehenge. For tourists who visit the UK on a self-guided trip, it can be ranked three or four. The day's itinerary travels all at once. Of course, if you are living in the UK for a short time or a long time, you may wish to take a few more small trips, and take a slow walk to savor this classic town style in the English countryside. The following towns are introduced in the order of car rental and self-driving from the north of the Cotswolds area to the south. Everyone can adjust the arrangement according to the attractions and departure locations they want to go.

2.Chipping Campden

Speaking of North Cotswolds, the first must-visit entry town must be "Chipping Campden", and the word "Chipping" meant "Ceping Market Land" in Old English. For now or in the past, Chipping Camden has important historical significance and market position in the Cotswolds area. Until now, the Town Hall in the town still has the original appearance of the 17th century and continues to operate. In the town, classic imagery such as the honey stone-colored stone house or the rich stone house that can be afforded by wealthy people, and even the subtle scenery of woolen fabrics, craft buildings and small bridges, can only be experienced in detail. Because of its representative status, Chiping Camden is also the place where the Cotswolds district most often holds performances.


"Broadway", like Chippin Camden, is a small town on the northwestern edge of the Cotswolds region. Among them, "Broadway Tower", a beacon tower built in the form of a simulated castle, is the second highest point in the entire Cotswolds area. It is well worth climbing to overlook the Greater Cotswolds area in good weather.


Speaking of "Snowshill", it may not be as famous as a must visit town in Cotswolds. It is about 20 minutes drive from Chippin Camden. If you visit in the summer of June or July every year or When it comes to lavender fields in Britain, it is necessary to come here. After all, "Snowshill" is known as Provence in Britain!

In addition, the town's "Snowshill Manor and Garden" is also well worth a visit. Not only can you take a closer look at the large house built by the honey stone-colored stone house, but you can also buy tickets to visit this once famous building The secret base of the teacher, poet, and art collector Charles Wade, walking into the manor and garden is not as simple as it looks. Charles Wade has solidly created a magical and interesting small world in Snowshill Manor.

5. Bourton-on-the-Hill & Bourton-on-the-Water

Friends who have seen other guides should be puzzled when they see "Bourton-on-the-Hill". "Bourton-on-the-Water"?

In fact, the driving distance of these two brother attractions is about 15-20 minutes. As the name suggests, one is located on a hillside, and the other is a small water town next to a small bridge. It is known as the "small Venice" water town.


Read the name carefully, "Stow-on-the-Wold" is the highest town in the Cotswolds region, about 800 feet above sea level. It has not only lively street scenes, antique markets, but a whole row of honey colors. The stone-built house is lovely and eye-catching, and there are also the oldest hotels in the UK, restaurants and bars & beautiful churches in the town.

7. Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter have to mention that whether it is the aforementioned Bourton-on-the-Water or Stow-on-the-water, there is a route to "Lower Slaughter & Upper Slaughter" Hiking trail. If time permits, the Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter are Cotswold's hidden towns. They have the opposite meaning to the town name. These two towns are compared with the famous towns mentioned earlier. , Not only fade the icing of the tourist resort, return to the more rustic Cotswold town style, but you can see the pure and beautiful slope towns and mountains and clear river views, and must be greatly recommended to those who like walking Friends, be sure to set aside time to go back. (Single trip about one and a half-two hours)


Speaking of "Bibury", this is a town in the Cotswolds area. In addition to calling William Morris "the most beautiful village in England" after visiting Bibury, the artist became popular because of his photos of "Arlington Row" printed with a British passport, BJ's single diary, Stardust legend and other filming locations !! Every time I search for related information on the Internet, I will see different photos from the same angle. I believe that many friends who are in the UK or plan to visit the UK must be familiar. Although it is a must-have and photo check-in point, and a trail is always packed with tourists from the same angle, you must not miss it when you come to Cotswolds


The classic impression is a spacious road down the mountain in the center of the town. Two rows of tree-lined and pedestrian walkways, honey-colored stone buildings lined on both sides, look down and walk slowly. Only leisure and happiness can be described. The town also contains the well-preserved Tudor Market Square and Robert Reavley (124), the oldest pharmacy in the UK, as well as a 15th-century farmhouse listed on the Church Lane as a state protection.

Since "Burford" is also known as the gateway to the Cotswolds district, it means that many tourists will start from this town. In fact, where to go or how to run, it all depends on the individual itinerary, there is no need to play.

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Beautiful old town!

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