Best Travel Areas of 2020! Embark on the ancient and mysterious Silk Road 

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The ancient town, the bustling Bazaar, the wild nature , and the "Silk Road Journey" have a lot of highlights.

Exploring Central Asia

The Central Asian section of the Silk Road, once flourished by trade and pedestrians, has once again become the focus of global attention. Central Asia's ancient cities, bustling Bazaar and wild nature are attracting more and more travelers to the most legendary travel and adventure routes in history.

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan currently implement visa-free or electronic visa policies for most of the world's residents; the region is also promoting the implementation of a unified "Silk Road Visa". At the same time, large-scale transportation and infrastructure investments have brought unprecedented travel convenience to this modern Silk Road.


"The largest landlocked country", "a strong cultural atmosphere", and "a lot of handsome guys and beautiful girls" are all labels that Kazakhstan puts on everyone. Kazakhstan is a country that crosses Asia and Europe. Its territory includes northern Central Asia and southeastern Europe. It has a very large land area and ranks ninth in the world. Tulips are open in all seasons in Kazakhstan, so tulips are their national flower, and the capital is Astana.

Shymbulak Alpine Ski Resort

Windless mountains, powder snow paradise. Shymbulak Alpine Ski Resort is located in Almaty, only 40 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from the city. It is so close to the city, but it does not affect the snow quality at all.

The snow site is located in the Tianshan Mountains, with an altitude of 3300, a drop of 900, and there is no wind all year round. The slope of the snow slope in the snow field is more than 20 kilometers long. The winter temperature is 0--7 degrees Celsius, and the average snow thickness is 1.5 meters. The skiing time is from November to April. month.

The snow slopes and slopes in the snow are not the same as those in Europe. Inferior, the road is wide inside and outside. Whether you are riding on a snowy road or traveling through the woods, you can experience different skiing fun.

Mount Kokotobe

Mount Kokotobe is a 1,100-meter-high hill located southeast of Almaty. The name means "green hill". This is an urban commanding height. From the top, you can look at the snow-capped mountains and overlook the city.

If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of Almaty, this is the best choice. Be sure to choose the moment when the sun block goes down. The scenery is the most beautiful. On one side is the city, on the other side is the snowy mountain, and on the other side is the autumn leaves of the mangrove mountains. Looking at such a scene makes one wonder.

Nur Astana Mosque

The Noor mosque is located on the left bank of the Ishim River.This blue-green mosque looks restrained and lonely under a cloudy sky in the afternoon. The distinctive color makes it independent, and the entanglement of religious patterns makes it truly a place for God and people to whisper.


Entering the mosque, there is a row of robes that can be worn by the lady, which is a little dark turquoise green. There are only a few people in the huge mosque. This sporadic existence may make believers have a sense of belonging.

Lake Kaindy

This is one of the most beautiful and magical lakes in Kazakhstan. The dry trunk rises from the side of the water and looks like the mast of a shipwreck.

Lake Kaindy is young at 2,000 meters above sea level. This 400-meter-long lake was formed in 1911 after an earthquake triggered a huge limestone landslide, and the mountain formed a natural dam in a canyon covered by spruce trees. The lake is about 30 meters deep, and because the water is crystal clear, you can still see the silver needles immersed in the trunk. Due to the low temperature, the trees are naturally frozen and well-preserved in water.


Uzbekistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia, the country with the richest tourism resources among the five Central Asian countries, a pearl on the Silk Road, and a unique geographical location that has created this country's diverse ethnic culture and fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine . There are many world cultural heritages in the country, such as important stations on the Silk Road and Persia, monuments left during the period of the strong kingdom in Islamic history, medieval mosques, and ancient city ruins.

Registan Square

Registan Square is located in the center of Samarkand. It is a large group of theological colleges. The group of buildings consists of three theological colleges, which were built between the 15th and 17th centuries. These three buildings are magnificent and imposing. Magnificent, with its splendid mosque, is a classic of Central Asian architecture, among which Ulugbek Theological Seminary is one of the best Muslim schools in the 15th century. Registan Square is a popular place for foreign tourists. It is also a place where locals often come to meet and relax.

Shiva Ancient City

Shiva is a museum-like ancient city. The main reason is that most of the houses here have been transformed into museums with various themes. When the fence gate of the minaret finally opens, and one is extremely difficult to climb the narrow stairs and climb to the observation deck at the top of the tower, a city museum will be spread out in front of you.

There is an old gate in each direction of the city. There are no guards and people and cars can pass freely. For a tourist who loves history and the culture of the Silk Road, Shiva can do almost everything they need. The area of ​​Shiva is not large, but there are too many concentrated essences to make your day trip quite full.

Shah-i-Zinda Mausoleum

Shah-i-Zinda is a mausoleum composed of thirteen tombs and a mosque.


With a population of six million and an area of ​​nearly 200,000 square kilometers.Kyrgyzstan may be the most traditional nomadic country in the world. The people are warm and friendly, the historical heritage is rich, the natural scenery is excellent, the food is delicious and delicious, the consumption is cheap, and the tourism service industry is more mature and reliable than originally expected.


The wide lake surface is unobstructed, and the mountains across the lake form a natural barrier. The lake is shimmering. The waves are constantly beating on the sand and stones on the shore of the lake. The lake surface reveals the mysterious turquoise blue under the sky mapping, and occasionally there are flying birds Quickly skimming across the lake, Nuo Da Lake did not have a boat, making the broad Lake Issykki more pristine. The blue Issyk-Kul is like a huge sapphire inlaid in the mountains. The lake is rippling with waves, and the shore is covered with grass. The locals spend their holidays by the lake. The shy Kirgiz girl will also dance cheerful folk dances by the lake.

Panfilov Park

Located in the bustling city center of Almaty, Panfilov Park was established to commemorate the 28 warriors sacrificed by Panfilov's division during the Patriotic War during World War II.

Entering the park from the north gate, a small square will be in sight. There are many citizens' leisure activities on the square. Adults are pushing children ’s cars, or parents are holding children to feed pigeons. A group of pigeons fly up and down. Everything is So harmonious.

In the middle of the park is a Russian-style orthodox church, Zinkov Cathedral, which is the second tallest wooden structure in the world. It did not use a nail. It was built in the Tsarist era in 1907 and was only after the 1911 earthquake in Almaty. Existing building. The exterior wall of the church is tender yellow, and various colors decorate the entire church. The orthodox cross on top of the church was bling in the sun.

Khan tengri

Khan Tenggeri is the second highest peak in the Tianshan Mountains. It is the junction of the Kirkshaler Ridge and the Hark Mountains in the Tianshan Mountains. At the foot of the mountain, the river winds around the village, nourishing and conserving fertile land. A striking impression is that there are many trees and dense forests along the way. In some places, the trees on both sides of the road meet together, like a long arch, and welcome guests from all directions.


Turkmenistan is located on the Caspian Sea north of Iran. It was once one of the former Soviet republics. The name of the Soviet Union was Turkmenistan Socialist Republic. independent. It is rich in petroleum and natural gas resources and ranks fifth in the world in natural gas reserves. The capital Ashgabat is one of the few hottest cities in the world, and it basically has not rained in summer. For historical reasons, mystery and isolation are almost synonymous with this country.

Door of hell

"Hell's Gate" is an underground cave filled with flammable gas. It was discovered by a scientific research team in the 1970s. The scientific research team decided to burn off the toxic gas to prevent infection to the locals, and the interior of the cave continued to burn like hell until now. No one dares to approach that place, so this bottomless big hole is called "the gate of hell" by the locals. This "gate of hell" is called one of the ten most spectacular geological wonders in the world.

Neutral gate

The Neutral Gate is located on Neutral Plaza with elevators leading to the observation deck and cafe. The three supporting feet represent the three indivisible foundations of New Turkmenistan: neutrality, independence, and national unity. The top 12-meter-high statue of President Niyazov rotates in the direction of the sun. As the cable car slowly rises, the capital's cityscape gradually appears in front of tourists from near to far. Ascending the observation deck, the entire Ashgabat has a panoramic view.

independence Plaza

It is a square that commemorates the independence of the Soviet Union in 1991. It is majestic and reverent. The overall color tone is mainly white and gold, which envelops the solemn atmosphere of the entire square, which can not help but remind people of the rise and fall of the former Soviet Union. In retrospect, the sun sprinkled on the square, and the whole square appeared brighter and more transparent. Resting on a bench next to the square, several pigeons stood in front of them.


Tajikistan is an independent country after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union. It is also known as a "mountain country". More than 90% of the country is mountainous, and more than half of it is more than 3,000 meters above sea level.


Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan, located in the Gisal Basin between the Varzob and Kafernigan Rivers, and is the center of national politics, industry, science and culture and education.

No matter where you stop, you are surrounded by green trees, green and dripping. It can be said that you can hear birds everywhere, and you can see how beautiful Dushanbe's environment is. There are also Tajik Geological Museum, Samani Monument, Rudaki Monument, Aini Monument, Tulsonzad Monument and other attractions in the city.

Tajik National Park

Tajik National Park is located in the middle of the "Pamir Plateau", the confluence of the highest mountains in Eurasia. This site covers more than 2.5 million hectares in eastern Tajikistan. It is mountainous and rarely populated. It was listed in 2103 world Natural Heritage.

There are also 170 rivers and more than 400 lakes. 

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