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After the outbreak, travel together 

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2 years ago

The epidemic in 2020 has prevented everyone from exploring the world. I believe that everyone was suffocated during the epidemic. Recently, the overall international epidemic situation has improved, and there have been many good news. I'm curious about when I can go abroad. So are you ready? 


Eastern Smile Country

With rich religious customs, azure ocean, white sandy beach, pleasant climate and sweet and delicious tropical fruits, as a famous tourist country in Southeast Asia, Thailand has been exuding enthusiasm and welcoming us.

Popular tourist cities such as Chiang Mai and Pai, sunny islands such as Koh Samui and Phuket, the stylish and modern capital Bangkok and Pattaya, known as the "Oriental Hawaii"...Everything makes people feel happy and incomparable Relax.


The vast ice kingdom

From the Arctic Ocean to the North Pacific, Russia, which spans two continents in Europe and Asia, has super rich natural resources, snow-covered snow, secluded forests, and quiet lakes.

Together, from Red Square in Moscow, to St. Petersburg, to the Kremlin, to Lake Baikal...from history and culture to nature, Russia allows you to experience thousands of changes at once.

When you arrive in Russia, please let go of your restraint, liberate your nature, and let the carnival and free and easy accompany you to spend a short and wonderful time.


A place where romance and art merge

The rise of the ancient Roman Empire and the Renaissance has added a touch of ancient charm and art to the romantic country of Italy. Classic films such as "Roman Holiday" and "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily" have attracted countless couples to come to Italy.

Whether it is the ancient Rome, the water city of Venice, the beautiful and natural Florence, or Milan, the real charm of Italy can only be experienced if you walk yourself.

Milan's risotto, Florence's pizza, high-quality Parma ham... Exotic cuisine to satisfy any gourmand!


Mysterious country

Located on the banks of the Nile River in Egypt and across Asia and Africa, as one of the birthplaces of human civilization, it naturally has a hint of mystery and makes people fascinated.

The magnificent Suez Canal, the wonderful Red Sea, the towering pyramids, the majestic sphinx, the huge Luxor Temple... The star-studded sights and monuments turn Egypt into a glittering dream place.

new Zealand

Idyllic scenery

New Zealand is a pure land in the human world. The blue sky reflects the green grass, the long coastline, and the glaciers that radiate cold in the distance, which together form a beautiful natural scenery.

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Written by   113
2 years ago
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In fact, now to decide where best to go and travel is usually extremely difficult. There are different options, but here it is better to try not to make up anything special, and first read and compare different places. I've found here for example a comparison of holidays in Taita and Bora Bora, to understand the pros and cons of this or that holiday. I recommend to do the same. Good luck.

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Oh omg ur are traverel

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just a travel blogger

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