2021 World's Best Cities Rankings!

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Not long ago, the international consulting company Resonance Consultancy released its latest 2021 ranking of the world's best cities.

Affected by the epidemic, this year's list also includes unemployment rate, and the number of confirmed new coronavirus cases per million people to measure the overall strength of major cities in the world with a population of over one million.

For many international students and immigrants, this "2021 Global Best City Ranking" is an important reference for measuring whether a city is livable, suitable for business, and suitable for travel.

2021 World's Best City Details

London once again takes the lead with strong strength, becoming the world's best city in 2021. New York of the United States, Paris of France, Moscow of Russia and Tokyo of Japan ranked fifth respectively.

The sixth to tenth cities are: Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, Spain, Los Angeles and Madrid, Spain.

As a popular country of study, Australia has five cities on the list, in order: Sydney (25), Melbourne (37), Brisbane (70), Adelaide (75) and Perth (89).

Canada has 6 cities on the list, including Toronto (13), Vancouver (34), Montreal (41), Calgary (47), Ottawa (67), Edmonton (76).

Why is London the best city in the world?

The strength of the British capital London, which has dominated the list for many years, is also obvious to all: it is not only one of the world’s three largest financial centers, but also one of the most beloved residences of the world’s richest people. Nearly 5,000 rich people with assets of more than 30 million US dollars live in London. ​

At the same time, London is also an inclusive and open city, opening hands for everyone and embracing talents from all over the world. Therefore, it has become the home of outstanding scientific and technological talents and innovators all over the world.

London is also a place where countless international students want to visit. There are a large number of first-class universities here, and three G5 super elite universities, Imperial College, University College London, and London School of Economics have their homes here.

In addition, there are also King's College London, City College London, London Business School, Queen Mary University of London, Royal Holloway College, etc., which add up to 50 colleges and universities, which are quite rich in educational resources.

In addition, in the QS 2019 World Study Abroad Cities Rankings, London is also ranked first in the world.

Other British cities on the list include Manchester (94) and Glasgow (96).

New York ranks 2nd in the world

New York is not only the most populous city in the United States and the No. 1 financial center in the world, it is also one of the cities that has attracted the most immigrants in the history of the United States.

It represents opportunity, wealth and freedom, and is an ideal place to realize the American dream. Immigrants from all over the world also make this city's economy full of vitality and its cultural atmosphere is very diverse.

In addition, New York has also gathered many well-known universities, such as Columbia University, New York University, Cornell University and so on. After graduation, you will have the opportunity to work or intern in many well-known investment banks on Wall Street.

Singapore ranks 7th in the world

According to the analysis of the report, Singapore has become one of the busiest shipping hubs in the world and a wealth management center in Asia.

In the past 50 years, few cities in the world have developed as rapidly as Singapore to achieve such great achievements as they are today.

This city-state pays special attention to research, talent and the re-investment of corporate headquarters to ensure that the city will remain prosperous for decades to come.

Singapore has five polytechnics and three Higher Education institutions, among which the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University are both world-renowned institutions.

It is worth mentioning that Singapore ranks 3rd and 5th in terms of security and per capita GDP respectively. It can be said to be one of the safest and richest cities in the world.

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