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Andar Bahar real money game is an Indian gambling game claimed to have originated in Bengaluru (Bangalore) in the state of Karnataka's southern region. It is also known as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae in Tamil. It is a pure chance game in which the dealer deals a face-up card and the player bets on one of two piles: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The dealer then alternately gives cards to the two piles until a card that matches the original card appears. The pile in which this matching card appears is the winner. In the twenty-first century, Andar Bahar has become a popular game in Indian online casinos.

Cards and Players

A typical 52-card pack is used. The bank is run by the dealer, and there can be any number of players, who sit in a circle around the dealer. The only thing the participants have to do is place wagers, observe the deal, and collect their gains if they are successful.


The dealer meticulously shuffles the cards, cuts them, and deals one card face up. This is the matching card, sometimes known as the trump card or the "joker," albeit these labels are deceptive. A trump is a card that can beat any card of a different suit, regardless of rank, in Standard English card game terminology, while a joker is a wild card that may be used to represent any card the player wishes. As a result, it appears more appropriate to refer to this first card as the house card, or simply the middle card, because the two piles are often dealt on each side of it.

The players now make their wagers on one of the two piles that the dealer will construct, known as the Andar Bahar real money game. In a private game, the minimum and maximum wagers must be agreed upon in advance, but in a casino game, the house determines them. In Hindi, the phrases Andar and Bahar (occasionally spelled Bahar) indicate inside and outside, respectively, while in Tamil, the two heaps are known as Ullae (inside) and Veliyae (outside). This might be because, in the classic game, the inside pile is closer to the dealer while the outer pile is further away. In online versions, the layout may be similar, or Andar and Bahar may simply be to the left and right of the house card, respectively.

Many online andar bahar real cash versions of the game allow for different kinds of bets. These are described lower down in the Variations section.

Single cards face-up from the rest of the deck are now alternately dealt with the Andar and Bahar piles by the dealer. The first card is dealt with the Andar pile if the house card is black; the first card is dealt with the Bahar pile if the house card is red. The game continues until a card appears that matches the rank of the house card. Bets on the pile where this matched card appears win; bets on the opposite pile lose.


Clearly, the chances of the first matching card appearing on the side where the initial card was dealt are significantly higher, and the payments reflect this. A successful wager on the first card dealt is paid out at odds of 0.9 to 1, while a successful bet on the second card dealt is paid out at odds of 1 to 1 (Evens). To put it another way, because the color of the house card dictates where the initial card is dealt:

If the house card is black, a successful wager of 1000 on Andar pays 1900 (your bet returned plus 900 profits), whereas a successful bet on Bahar pays 2000 (your bet returned plus 900 winnings).

If the house card is red, a winning bet of 1000 on Andar pays 2000, whereas a winning wager on Bahar pays 1900.

In fact, the likelihood of the first matched card appearing on the same side as the first card dealt is over 51.5 percent. The house edge on a bet on the side where the first card is dealt is 2.15 percent, while the house edge on a bet on the side where the second card is dealt is 3 percent.


This is one of the most fundamental regulations of online gambling and should not be overlooked. Second, you face the danger of developing a gambling addiction. This is a frequent problem that may affect anyone, so you must be cautious and keep track of your own gambling habits.

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