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Life Saving Appeal for Simon Kelly

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1 month ago

Those of you who know me from Noise know that since the first week of October I have been raising funds in BCH for Simon Kelly on Noise Cash and thus far it has raised more than $60. The appeal will run until the end of the month before being forwarded to Simon's Go Fund Me.

Who is Simon Kelly and what is the fund raising for?

The Following is taken from Simon's Go Fund Me page -

In June 2021 Simon was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. Up to this point he was a healthy and active 37 year old.

The disease was picked up during a routine blood test after he appeared to have a recurring stomach bug. He was found to be severely anaemic and was taken to a hospital for further tests which revealed that in fact he has stage 4 bowel cancer which has already spread to his liver and stomach.  Doctors said that it's a particularly aggressive form of cancer and without further treatment he only has a few months left to live. It was a shocking and devastating news for him and his family.

Simon is a loving, caring husband and a fantastic dad to three boys: twins aged 13 and eldest almost 16 years old. Simon has so many plans and dreams and is determined that cancer will not stand in the way of fulfilling them!
He has started on a gruelling course of chemo and despite many side effects he's staying positive and fully believes that he can beat the disease.

He'd like to raise money [looking to raise £20,000] to help with his treatment in order to give him a better fighting chance. Please donate whatever you're comfortable with, Simon and his family are so grateful for every penny given towards saving his life <3

I have only met Simon once or twice, but I know his wife very well, as she worked alongside me as a translator and a fellow leader on some youth projects. Although she moved to England many years ago we have always stayed in touch and from the moment she told me about Simon's condition I felt compelled to help.

I am grateful that through the gift that is Noise Cash I have been able to do this.

If you are interested in getting involved please join Noise. My affiliate link is but don't use it if you don't want to. Then search the hashtag #fundsimonkelly and start hearting all of the relevant posts. Noise will reward as it does and all funds raised though tagged posts will be forwarded to his appeal

Additionally any money received through this post will also be added to Simon's fund.

BCH is such a wonderful project and to repeat myself if it can be used to help save Simon's life that alone would be a fantastic achievement

A Final Note on Accountability

I am an experienced fund raiser and accountability is essential. You need to know that Simon has received these funds. So the following is freely available

At the end of the appeal TWO others who I know only through the crypto community will verify my figures

The posts will remain up on Noise and the tip value will remain visible. I will make it clear that I can't account for tips received after the 31st December

As much as possible I will provide documentation / screenshots of relevant transactions to demonstrate the completion of the transfer.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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We also started a Club1BCH wallet for Simon

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1 month ago

Thank you very kindly PVM - the change in Noise policy is going to make tracking for Simon harder on there so I am going to have "Simon Days" probably every three days until the appeal ends. :D

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1 month ago