The Friends of Childhood./

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Greetings to all the members of this prestigious Diaries community. Today I want to share a special publication, dedicated to my eternal friends from childhood, youth and middle age, my friends forever ...

From a very young age, I speak to them of around 13 years of age, I met a group of boys, contemporaries with me, where they had the same tastes that I had, such as playing ball, soccer, baseball, basketball, cycling, climbing the Cerro EL Ávila, beach, fights, many parties, partying and of course the girls could not be absent. GOD what madness !!

Every time I listen to the song FRIENDS, TRAVEL AND PLEASURES, by the GUACO Musical Group, I am teleported back to my youth, where we always had an excuse to get together and enjoy all the things that I named before, even when it seems that it is not like that, everything stayed within the legal margin and healthy activities. Thank God there were none out of tune, we were all in tune, we were a very close group, our parents already knew where they were, each of us had a lot of fun ...

Farewell to CARLOS "El CANAPIA", Go to MEXICO for a POSTGRADUATE I remember that in several years in a row (September 30), the group wore their best pint (suit) to celebrate Secretaries' Day, we would appear in a place called La Taberna El Greco, there we had a reserved table, where we We gathered José Gregorio, Gerardo, Carlos, Edgar and I (we were approximately between 16 and 17 years old), Freddy Maita and Julio (these last two were the oldest of the group, they were twice our age but just as important among us) We did not have secretaries, but we went to that place with the intention of looking for girls, what a crazy hahaha, we had a great time.

Group Photography, already Adults

Today this place still exists, and when we can we meet there, not with the same group because several of them no longer live in Venezuela, but those who remain, who are my friend and brother Julio, Edgar "the great Kiko", Freddy and I meet there to enjoy good music and a good drink, but no longer with the intention of meeting girls, since several of us are married. We have attended each other's marriages, the first to get married was José Gregorio, then Gerardo, myself and Carlos. You wonder and the old have not married? Well no, they are the bachelors of the grupete, hahahaha. They don't want to leave the singles club. Of course, each of us have had children, we have seen them grow up, they are our nephews (not by blood, but they are the ones that life gave us).

Our children

Not everything is party and pleasure, among friends there are also difficult situations where just as we have been in good times, we have also been united in difficult times. On one occasion, my friend Edgar "Kiko" was diagnosed with severe heart disease, having to undergo emergency heart surgery, you can imagine the shock, the support that we all offered to our friend, we even donated blood for him, Thank God the operation was successful.

Donating Blood for Our Compadre Brother Edgar "El KIKO"

I have many anecdotes to tell, but the publication will be too long, the important thing is that we are still friends, thank God I have the privilege of having and having such a united group, thank God for each of their lives I ask you to keep us strong even in the distance. But we are always aware of everyone, sometimes a call or message through social networks but always active.

Farewell to my Compadre and Brother Gerardo "El CALIMERO"

Of the group of 8 friends that I mentioned at the beginning of this publication, there are only 3 left, the rest have emigrated with their families, all this due to the search for a better quality of life, thank God that this has been the case. We created a WhatsApp group, and through that means our friendship continues, birthdays, Christmas, end of the year, always present through video calls, thanks to social networks we are active. We only hope in God that all this NEGATIVE situation that VENEZUELA is experiencing passes soon so that all these relatives and friends who left the country return to their homeland to their beloved country. In another publication I tell you about all those nicknames acquired throughout our lives, that is to laugh a good while.

Thank you

GOD BLESS you my dear Diaries community.

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