Sport VS Pandemic

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3 years ago

A sports greeting to all the followers of, as a worker in the sports area, today I want to share with you an issue that has given a 360 degree turn to the national sports environment.


As I am not a journalist, I am not here to narrate the chronology of the COVID-19 in Venezuela, but I would like to tell you from my point of view how this terrible PANDEMIC has affected in the sporting sphere.

 Since the year 2.018 (three years ago), I work in a baseball academy, I am a baseball coach, anyone who listens to me believes that it is an easy job, because what I do is indicate the activities and exercises to the athletes, they will also believe that It must be easy to get the long-awaited remuneration for signing a prospect, but in my case, I have not been able to, due to various causes.


 Returning to the topic Pandemic, I remember that it all began in the month of March 2020, when by presidential decree as of 03/16/2020 they suspended all educational activity, in its different modalities, but nevertheless I also remember that the sports training academies also their activities had to stop, I am sure that no minor baseball academy or school, regardless of the sports category imagined what was coming, in my case I thought it would be for a few days, but when new cases of contagion and deaths appeared , the situation turned uphill.

 In my academy, at that time (March-2020) we had approximately 15 young people where every day, we met on the baseball field to train, 2 teachers and I worked with them, it was hard work, the reason? The economic resources were scarce, remember that I told you that we had been working since the year 2.018 and until now we had not obtained a signature with a baseball organization, but even so, the effort, enthusiasm, conviction, and enthusiasm were too much for us. This was due to the energy you feel when you work with young people, where most of them are low-income, but what they have low-income they have the desire to work for their own, and also the innate talent they have, to us See this, I wonder, how not to move on ?.


 It is incredible how the lack of daily physical contact, makes the enthusiasm wane, in our academy we had a WhatsApp group as a means of maintaining communication, at the beginning the messages were kept active, giving instructions on how to follow their training according to their needs. possibilities, sending messages trying to maintain their enthusiasm so that their spirits did not drop, but as the months progressed, this media was losing strength, as we could not see each other, some stopped training, others if they continued, but more we never returned to be THE GROUP, cohesive and strong.

 Based on my experience as a sports coach, the presence and constant physical contact is necessary, since young people even when they come and possess abilities, skills and talent, must be channeled by specialized people, * THE COACH *.

We are the people who set up the sports plans, we know which, how, where and when of each activity, that is, daily physical interaction during training is essential, we have an active participation in the technical learning of athletes, from there they result the corrections of errors, modifications or changes in the execution in the technique, mechanics, physical and mental conditions.


We continuously monitor the performance of athletes, something extremely important creates and maintains a positive sports climate or environment that encourages student participation, establishes the rules for the group to maintain discipline, in addition to maintaining the participation of prospects, and Stop counting, the list is long, where the physical presence of the coach is necessary.

 In my case, that litter of boys, from the apoca (March-2020) are no longer in my staff of students, I know about them through messages and phone calls. The Pandemic from any point of view brought losses in the performance of athletes and in the worst case the disintegration of academies and / or training schools, as was my case.

As of October 2,020, we resumed our activities, with a reduced number of players, complying with government guidelines to avoid an increase in the spread of the virus, complying with biosafety regulations.


Today I continue my work, but with many difficulties, months ago the relaxation of the quarantine because the pandemic started again but much stronger than the previous one.

We returned to dismiss the players, many are from here from the city of Barcelona, ​​Margarita and the tiger.

 In conclusion, what is happening in Venezuela is much more complicated than the rest of the world due to the political, social and economic problems that our beautiful nation is experiencing. As I told you, I am not a journalist, much less a politician. I'm what I think politics sucks about. I love my job, I am passionate about baseball and I want solutions for my nation, all Venezuelans have dreams that are impossible to achieve for now, but we continue to fight. We Venezuelans are WARRIORS.


Where in bad weather we always get a smile, an enthusiasm to continue in this land where we were born. So I say to all these young people, fight for your dreams, never lower your head, only you can achieve or fulfill your goals. As Venezuelans say, the fight is fighting.

I believe in those Athletes who are still day by day to achieve their goals, now I recommend that they continue training from home or leave very early and comply with the biosecurity regulations. I am one more Venezuelan that I believe in my country, in my beautiful Venezuela.







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