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Hello dear friends of Diaries. I have always commented to my wife that the Sun nourishes me, and it really is, from a very young age I like to go to the beach, walk, climb hills, for example in Caracas with one of my older brothers I went up Cerro El Ávila. various trails or roads, they were one of my best experiences. Here in Lechería I go up El Cerro El Morro when I can, due to the pandemic, it limits us to go out for walks frequently.

The feeling in me of fullness, relaxation, disconnection with reality (when there are difficulties) is thanks to my outdoor activities, I recommend it to anyone. Before I got married, my group of friends and I would improvise trips to the beach, it was almost always to Río Chico or Puerto Piritu, boyish things (because now I don't do it this way) suddenly at dawn, one of them said “ Let's go to the beach !! ”, I had not finished saying the phrase, when we already had our bathing shorts on, hahahaha, it was easy for us because one of my friends (Julio) had a house to vacation in those beautiful places and really we had a great time.

Then when I got married, things changed, I was not alone, I had my wife and son, and that racket could not continue as before. But if I ran away with my friends to enjoy myself and sometimes I took my first child. It is remarkable the difference that exists between singles and after married. When you are single, you do not need planning or previous purchases, just having the desire and money to solve it is enough. And if sometimes you didn't have the money, they even told you “calm brother, I invite…” what times were those hahahaha. Once you are married, if you are wealthy, you only get to the beach, yes, a good beach, of those types the islands of Mochíma in Edo-Sucre, Morrocoy in Edo Falcón, or if you are very exquisite and You have an overabundance of money, you can get to the Los Róques Archipelago, you rent a room in an all-inclusive hotel, chairs or sunbeds, awning, food - drinks to choose from, well, you don't bring anything from home, why? There's no need. But when your bank account is normal, and you have the responsibility of supporting a family, trips to the beach cannot be given without prior planning, making accounts to see what things to buy to eat and drink. This I am telling you because I have experience in this regard, we always go two families, my sister-in-law, her husband and children, in addition to my in-laws, and my family (wife, my son and I), we necessarily share the expenses, each representative of The families propose what they can collaborate with, and so we go little by little putting together the supplies that we will bring.

In this type of outings, each person brings their awning, wine cellar and the arsenal of beach chairs (to reduce rental costs), and the mini sound equipment can not be missing to liven up the day. And if you have small children, it is impossible to forget the beach toys (paddles, tobitos, life preservers or floats, floats, and if you want to exaggerate, the inflatables in the shape of whales or dolphins, and a swimming pool to fill it with salt water) hahaha, I clarify, I am not making fun of it, because I have lived this, it is a reality that all families live.

In few opportunities I have been able to live the experience of going to an excellent hotel, enjoying its exquisite meals and all its comforts, in parallel I have also lived family outings with moving to the beach hahahaha, in both experiences, the feeling of love, union, enjoyment Relax, it has been wonderful, here the important thing is not what you have to enjoy, but with whom you enjoy what you have. My children lived here in Lechería for a while, the trips to the beach were more frequent, we planned walks, and we even tried to go to an island (Puinare) to camp from Saturday to Sunday, but that never happened, perhaps due to fear of crime. , but how I would like to live with my family an experience of this type. God through the problem of the pandemic will pass, and we will go back to living family outings like the old ones, I really miss them, a lot. To finish I invite my friends from Diaries, to plan to get out of the routine that it is very important to clear the mind, sometimes the problems at home or the same situation in the country blocks us, we get mentally tired and of course they come The diseases. Remember this "HEALTHY MIND HEALTHY BODY". GOD BLESS YOU./

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