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Hello, respected users of Diaries, today is a day of memories, 4 years ago my dear mother unexpectedly left this earthly plane, this fills me with nostalgia as the month of MAY MOTHERS day approaches. It is a great reason to dedicate these lines to the woman who loved me and I to her as you can never love a person.

In his last year of life, a brain tumor suddenly appeared, it was the size of a peach, can you imagine? When it was detected, it was already late, progressively affecting his lower extremities, his walking became more clumsy, as well as temporary loss of memory (each time the episodes were longer) and speech.


Today is another year without your presence, time will pass and I continue to miss you! I clearly remember those 3 weeks before your departure, hard time to face, do you know why? Sitting next to you and seeing that you didn't know me, you didn't remember who I was, you can't imagine the pain I felt at that moment, as great as the death of my father.

That first week (end of March 2017), between exams - studies, medical consultations and budget search for your operation, time passed very quickly, all the doctors agreed that the tumor was an operation. While my brothers and I were running, I really dare to say that for you those 3 weeks were very happy, where most of your children were devoted and dedicated to you, only 2 were missing because they were living abroad They were not present, but they were still looking out for you, mother.

It is sad when we wait for something bad to happen in our lives to become aware or realize that we must change our attitude, I remember that many years ago, my sister Rosalía's relationship with you left much to be desired, my sister was indifferent, perhaps even indolent with you. Hopefully by that time with the tumor you have forgotten each and every one of those sad moments with her. This disease brought as a result that Rosalía's hard heart was broken, God took care of removing all hardness and we could begin to see the real Rosalía Daughter. The relationship changed with you completely, it was so beautiful, he dedicated you every day until the last moment of your departure. My sister tells me "That was the best 3 weeks with my mother."

The other brothers and I devoted to you, taking care of you, pleasing you in everything, giving you the love that at some point we stopped giving you, perhaps due to the complications of life, work, in short, each one will have their reasons, I am sure that you feel very happy for all that attention that you did not notice due to the illness. As I mentioned, the days passed between consultations, purchase of materials, medicines and all the necessary supplies for your operation, your neurosurgeon doctor told us that due to the size of the tumor and seeing the physical consequences that it brought on you, we should operate on you emergency, thank you We could buy everything from God, always thinking that the important thing was to give you quality of life in God's time available for you.

The day of the operation arrived, I literally walked you to the door of the operating room and you told me with your soft and sweet voice, "Son, I love you, you hugged me and gave me a kiss" and I told you "I'll wait for you here, Mommy, everything will be fine. I felt your farewell, it was such a great pain, but with a lot of hope, thinking that you would turn out well. At that moment I did not think that we would not talk to each other again, nor would you see me again, when making the decision to have surgery it is because we thought about giving you a better quality of life, but I never imagined the end that awaited you and that awaited us.

The operation lasted 12 hours, the neurosurgeon doctor removed 90% of the tumor, an extremely delicate operation. Once the operation was finished, you were in intensive care since Monday, as part of the postoperative process, they kept you in an induced coma, according to the doctor's words, the operation was a success. Now we had to wait for you, the recovery was not going well, since you had a stroke, old lady, your recovery was impossible, that Tuesday night was the worst of all in our lives, praying to the Lord to do a miracle, but I know that God's will is better than ours, according to the doctor, nothing more could be done for her, the consequences of the stroke were irreversible, the damage was severe.

I lived the hardest moment of my life, witnessing when the devices that kept you alive were removed, seeing how every minute that passed your life was fading, and my pain was and is indescribable, until your vital signs were exhausted. Mom, you will always be my only and great love, time will pass and you will always be present in my mind, each memory is the best I have. I will love you forever mommy, my old lady.

Reflection: It was the greatest pain a man can have, the departure of a mother to another plane.

Each brother (those present and those absent) lived their pain, I think that the absent ones lived the pain more intensely because they were 3 and 4 years old without seeing it, without touching it, only the memory of a video call, if my pain was exaggeratedly great, the more for them, they have in their mind the last kiss, hug, on the other hand, I traveled every 15 days to see her (I live in Lechería edo. Anzoátegui) and she in Caracas, each trip I dedicated my time, pending of her things, her food, medicines, outings, cravings, in short, thank God for having put in my heart that love as well as doing to honor her in life. There are two moments in my life that were very painful, the first, the death of my father in December 2005 and the second, the death of my mother in April 2017. My mother's was very difficult, I still remember her last words, that was our farewell. If you have your parents alive, honor them, if you do not live with them visit them, take care of them, pending their food, medicines, give them love, darling, now that you have them enjoy them, do not wait for them to leave this plane, they are no longer next to you. Take advantage of these still on time ⏰.

So my dear community of Diaries, let's NOT wait for this type of circumstance to happen. Let's take advantage of the time with them, for later it is late⏰. God bless you.

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Hello friend rafa, interesting blog and nice memories. The truth is that memory is the great blessing of life, to be able to remember.

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