My Great Cerro El Ávila

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Good morning my dear community Travel today I want to comment a little about my childhood, as I explained in past publications, I was born in the city of Caracas, I lived very close to CERRO EL ÁVILA, my childhood was between mangoes and climbs to Ávila.

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When I was 12 years old I went up with one of my older brothers to Ávila, I was always very careful that he left and did not leave me, he told me a day before where we had to go up. At the beginning of my hike, I went up the SABAS NIEVES route. One of the most pleasant and favorite walks of all Caracas, is the ascent to the well-known park ranger station of Sabas Nieves

At the time I was going up, I don't know now, I could visit him at any time I wanted, even at night, my brother came home in the afternoon, after 6pm. Hundreds of people who want to exercise tend to climb here, since the path is wide, people who have optimal physical conditions climb in 15 or 20 minutes, while those who are in good condition arrive in 25 or 35 minutes, the most rusted in just 45 minutes and finally, those who are not in shape, it is very difficult to climb

My older brother is a crack coming up, he just told me be careful not to invent, see you upstairs, he would take off his sports shoes and start jogging, see why I tell you that he is a crack. Thank God I was average, it was one of the things I enjoyed the most, as time passed these walks became a habit, I went up 3 times a week. Later, when my physical condition improved, I no longer went up Sabas nieves, I got to know other trails or routes.

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Then I ventured as a scout, I had a very beautiful experience and for that age it seemed extreme, because I got to know Avila much more deeply, a weekend excursion did not peel me, the guides showed us more of that imposing mountain that it is. the lung of the city of Caracas.



 I lived in the Los Chorros urbanization, I had a range of possibilities to climb Ávila, there were other routes, for example LA JULIA, its ascent begins from the El Marqués Urbanization, along Avenida Boyacá, better known as Cota Mil. As you start to climb, you will notice a fairly steep ride. People have two alternatives, just at the end of the big climb; The first of them is to continue to the right side, where the road ahead becomes paved and steep, and is the most direct route but also the most difficult; and the second option is to take the paths that will guide you throughout the ascent in a smoother and easier way.

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Now it is my turn to tell you about PICO NAIGUATÁ and paradise, both places I can know thanks to my foray into scouts.

My first time on this hike, my excursion was eternal, I think it is a route of at least 25 or 30 kilometers, we had a backpack with implements to camp for a weekend. The average temperature is around 8 to 10 degrees (due to the altitude), at that time (which was about 30 years ago), we lasted 3 days in these mountains, this walk was the maximum. Between songs and bonfires and doing recreational activities these days passed super fast but great fun.

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 As you can see, I squeezed my Cerro El Ávila, I met most of the routes, now it's time to tell you about EL PARAISO, I always liked it, since it was the closest to my house, to reach the top of this trail, the duration It is approximately 4 to 5 hours away, I always left home very early so that I could enjoy the scenery.

 The more I entered the mountain or the hill, the vegetation became thicker and more abundant, trees that enveloped us, very cold and foggy, it seemed that we were in the jungle, I remember that there are three pools, one called Laguna Negra, the other, Quebrada El Chorro and finally Quebrada de Tocome. In the first, the water was or is so cold and dark that you couldn't see anything from the bottom, we were brave because there we took many dips (we bathed).

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As we continue the journey to the east of my beautiful mountain, we find the exit of Ávila through the well-known Estribo de Duarte, the vegetation is not very thick, allowing us to enjoy the great view of the Pico Oriental.

The Estribo de Duarte, is one of the most difficult ascents in Ávila, due to its inclination and the few trees, it makes the temperature warmer, there we had to carry a lot of liquid for hydration. Its vegetation is classified as grass, in the dry season in the city of Caracas this place is one of the sectors where it burns much more than normal.

 As I told you, I lived in the city of Caracas, my childhood was of many mangoes and Avila hill, I remember that one passed in front of those beautiful and big houses and one looked at many mango trees, the gardener only turned his face and left with a bag bigger than a full mango bag.

 This other story that your opportunity will tell you.

To finish, I apologize because I have photos of my property that serve to support my publication, I only showed one. I do not have because at that time and for the age I was, I did not worry about going out with a camera, nor did mobile phones exist.



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