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My beautiful Read community. Cash Sports, I have not stepped on a field for more than 4 weeks and I really feel empty, I would like all this to change so as not to miss what one likes. Today I will be commenting on what a day of my work in the baseball academy is like, as I explained in my first publication THE PRESENTATION, I am a sports coach, within my functions, my day begins at 5:45 am, they will ask why to That time, this is because we work with an excellent temperature, not so much for us teachers, but for the players, we notice that there is less wear and tear on a physical and mental level.

We begin with a prayer to deliver the day and the activity to God, then we continue with a STRETCHING, which is nothing more than a type of training, we seek relaxation and strengthening of the muscles through gentle exercises.

Then we continue with 20 minutes of jogging, for this we divide the prospects into two groups, the position guys and the pitchers, I take care of the pitchers. There we correct mechanics, arm speed and throwing technique, among which are the straight, curve and change. Today Monday corresponded an activity that we called in LONG RELEASE, here I will explain almost everything that a pitcher with excellent mechanics has to have. Throwing a baseball may seem simple at first. However, if you don't learn the proper techniques necessary, your throwing skills will develop slowly.

Whether you play baseball for fun or professionally, training properly and increasing your pitching speed can improve your performance. Developing strength and mastering technique will allow you to start increasing both the power and speed of your throws. We must improve our technique in order to have consistency in what we are looking for in each athlete.

HOW THEY CAN IMPROVE THE TECHNIQUE WHEN THROWING THE BALL: 1.- USE THE PROPER POSITION OF THE FINGERS: during a throw, you will need to use your movement to the maximum to generate as much energy as possible in sending the ball. Part of maintaining full force behind the ball involves proper finger positioning during the throw. Keep some of these tips in mind when casting: KEEP YOUR FINGERS BEHIND THE BALL AT ALL TIMES: Avoid bending your hand or fingers in front of or to the side of the ball when throwing it. Grab the ball with your thumb, index, and middle fingers. You should place your fingers on the horseshoe seam, running parallel to it. This grip can also help you with the precision and consistency of your throws.

2.- DEVELOP CONSISTENCY: Even if you train frequently enough and have adequate strength, throwing the ball without consistency will prevent you from developing more throwing speed. Training consistency is a key element of your practice that will help you develop greater throwing speed. Try recording your practice sessions and analyzing your technique. Coaches can often help you analyze and improve your consistency. 3.- PRACTICE WITH LONG THROWS: Long throws will train your throwing skills by gradually increasing the throwing distance of the ball. It is a good technique to train your throwing mechanics at different intensity levels, improve power and speed, and make you familiar with the throwing motion in different circumstances. Follow this basic long throw training routine to start improving your throwing power and technique.

Warm up with a simple game of catching or other light activity. Throw the ball 60 feet (18 meters) for about four minutes. Stand back to throw the ball 90 feet (27 meters) for three minutes. For two minutes, throw the ball about 130 feet (40 meters) away. Maximize the distance by throwing the ball between 160 and 180 feet (48 to 55 meters) for two minutes. Get in close to throw about 45 feet (14 meters) for a minute as a cooldown.

4.- USE THE WHOLE BODY: It can be tempting to think that the throw is a movement or a technique that involves only the upper body. However, for a launch to produce high velocity deliveries it will require the entire body to work together in one fluid motion. This concept is known as the kinetic chain and it is something you should keep in mind when practicing your technique. Inefficiency or weakness in a movement or part of the body can weaken any throw. The entire body must work together to generate more effective and powerful throws.

5.- ROTATE THE TORSO AND THE HIPS WHEN THROWING: You must use your whole body at the moment of throwing. This move will require you to fully engage in the move and use your best effort to throw the ball as fast as you can. Make sure to use a full torso movement and rotation to maximize the speed of your throws. Greater rotation speed of the torso, hips and shoulders will increase the speed of delivery. Commit to improving and training your throwing technique and mechanics.

6.- KEEP FORCE BEHIND THE BALL: The main source of speed in a pitch will come from keeping the arm and hand directly behind the ball. You should use your wrist only at the end of the throwing motion, right after releasing the delivery. Remember to always keep your arm and hand directly behind the ball to increase speed after shots. Turning your wrist too soon will remove some of the force behind the ball. Keep your hand, wrist, and arm straight when throwing. In conclusion, these are some steps that coaches must follow for these athletes who are looking for a dream of playing professional baseball, in the academy we require the athlete to deliver 150% of their capacity so that they give 100%.

ALL THE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN WITH MY KODAK BRAND CAMERA. With nothing more to say I say goodbye.

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