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Hello friends of Read.cash Diaries, lately I have spoken to you about my son, and I noticed that my princess nothing, and I said to myself, how is this happening? Today I will share with you this beautiful and delicate area of ​​my life, in addition to presenting one of my GREAT LOVES.


Generally, not always, there are exceptions, parents (I mean men) when having children, prefer that they be male and not female, because they will reflect their own interests and tastes in them and they will also be related because they are of the same sex. When I was young, unfortunately it was like that, not in such a marked, intentional and damaging way (towards my daughter), sometimes an activity of my older son outweighed hers. My ex-wife always told me. She was in charge of the activities of María and I of Rafael, now I consider that it was a mistake, because we do not know if that difference in treatment will lead to low self-esteem and / or estrangement with the father. Fortunately it was not our case.

Children at birth do not bring parents a manual under their arms, so that we perform well, throughout life one learns how to be an exemplary Father for them, it is quite difficult and complicated between successes and mistakes one he is learning how to be that exemplary father that children want to have.

My family

As I mentioned in my presentation post, my first child was a boy, and my second gift from God was a girl. Rafael Eduardo and María Fernanda, they are my children from my first marriage, when Rafael was born, it was a joyous day, can you imagine? A man, they were holidays in my home, we all had to do with him, gifts, visits, toasts (the boy's miáos), in fact it is an indescribable emotion, not only for the fact of being a man, but for having a child.

When María Fernanda was born, it was exactly the same emotion, a girl, a true sweet, and how she was born premature, because I felt an even higher feeling of protection towards her, but as she grew older, my attention focused on Rafael, the He demanded care, I was instilling in him the same sports tastes as mine, I took him to the beach, it was impossible not to pay more attention to him, a year before Maria was born, Rafael already practiced baseball, he was only 3 years old While I was in charge of Rafael, the mother was in charge of Maria, over time it was noticeable in me, more attention towards the man.

Thank God, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this situation did not harm my girl, and I realize how sweet and loving she is towards me. Currently we live separately, in different cities, every time I go to Caracas, my daughter, pays attention to attention, pampers me, makes desserts to eat together, looks for movies to watch together, until late at night, as she says, " until the body endures ", it is so much like that, that she does not let me go out with my friends, and I try to please her as much as I can on each trip, my love for her does not compare with another.


When I remember how I went with María Fernanda when I was little, even when it was not intentional, I reflect and it does a rebound effect in me, I want to give her all the love she could lack in her childhood. Currently she is 16 years old, she is pretty, that is, very pretty and intelligent, as well as being very loving.

While writing this post, I was reading some articles about the reasons why parents prefer boys, and I found this information that left me astonished, seeing that they exist in other countries (South, East and Central Asia) with radical cultures in this sense.

It is also women who must bear the consequences of giving birth to an unwanted girl. The consequences can include violence, abandonment, divorce, or even death. Against this background of intense pressure, women try to determine the sex of the fetus through ultrasound. If they find out it's a girl, it can lead to an abortion.

Reading this information, I wonder, why go to that extreme, we must change and renew the way of thinking, enjoying, accepting and valuing our children, be they boy or girl, give them all our love and also discipline them to be men and women of good, in addition to emotionally stable, and they in turn can be better parents in the future than us. To finish I want to dedicate this post to her, my princess, my girl María Fernanda, God continue to bless you and keep you, I love you very much, you always count and you will count on me, Mariita.


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