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WARNING! Don't use COINSPH to receive your BCH earnings from READCASH!

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1 year ago

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Hello to all avid readcash workers especially the Filipino ones!

You know all that we are working extremely hard. Writing good articles as possible and up-voting the good ones. Now that a new readcash update on its way called the Robot tip rewarder. Only few days left before the 100% implementation as it was already applied slowly in the past days.

I have written this article to serve as a warning!

I want to disclose my frustrating experience of withdrawing my hard-earned BCH from readcash last September 22, 2020 to my coinsph BCH wallet address. It happened to me, so it will happen to anyone among coinsph users, so I don't want that. I am so concerned because I have been using my coinsph BCH wallet address for some time now. In fact, since I started my journey here in readcash. What's going on? :-(

To my dismay, my September 22, 2020 earnings didn't arrive until now! Instead, it was transferred to another BCH even without my permission! Gosh!

I don't want to bother you with the technical details as I am confident you will find it hard to understand. I know how to track down blockchain transactions. ;-)

I even explained the matter to the coinsph support but they are not responding, something's fishy here.

Adding more frustration to the matter, it was just a small BCH amount for God's sake but how come coinsph won't give it to me? I didn't make any errors in putting the correct full wallet name, I have been using them consistently until this incident happened to me.

Or I am wrong? Does the BCH blockchain network has flaws? I don't know so please help me if you know what type of errors that exactly happened with my transaction.

To make the long story short, here is the image showing proof that my earnings didn't came to my coinsph and yet, instead transferred to other BCH bags.

See, I am not lying. I got 0 BCH in my coinsph wallet!

Lessons learned from this frustration:

• Never ever deal large amounts of BCH withdrawals or your money could be gone!

• BCH blockchain network has flaws! Even no errors on putting BCH wallet names still something fishy happened.

• No wonder BTC and ETH are hackable!

Read my article to support that:

• Use other BCH provider that is fast and cheap compared with coinsph! I am using now.

This article is not trying to scare anyone that is already using coinsph as their BCH wallet addresses. It's up to you to continue using their services. My main point here is, this happened to me and could happen to you. ;-)

Worst, the coinsph support is not responding with my plea. They replied only a few and don't know what is happening. Are they hiring crypto professionals? ;-) I'm starting to doubt them. Well. I am just nobody but at least I create this article against them.

So that's it, I just take this incident a lesson for my readcash journey. I won't let this frustrating experience ruin my eagerness to write more quality and informative articles in the future.

God bless! Thanks a lot for reading till the end.


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Written by   45
1 year ago
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Thanks for your article and also notice this will helpfull to us and this is so bad things crypto currency is a big market

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thanks! yes

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