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USDJPY's Latest Shorts Squeezing

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2 months ago

Just like I have said yesterday, the USDJPY is truly the DXY index strength meter!

After a positive US CPI data result, the Forex markets entered into a wild volatility squeezing the shorts across 2 USDJPY price levels.

Bulls are targeting the 145 area so that's my stop loss for today's trade plan.

Even so, I still want to short this level as it's a strong 24-year supply. Should the USDJPY's latest Bull flag consolidates, that's where I want to enter through the 78.60% Fib level. I cannot risk to short any prices above it.

A break-down from this Fib level will challenge yesterday's low and I adjust to take profit some pips above it.

This is a very risky trade as USD Bulls sending a very clear message across the entire financial markets.

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Written by   52
2 months ago
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