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READ THIS if you're an XRP believer!

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4 months ago

Do not forget that XRP is the only crypto/alt that have reached number 1 rank in terms of total market cap long ago!

Hello good evening, my name is Ken aka rafaelken1989.

I been following XRP's price, charts, news and fundamentals since 2019.

Not only I trade it to stack more bags but I also check regularly its supply figures, news related information, fundamentals, market sentiments and more.

Tonight while writing this article, I thank readcash first specially its sponsors for being so good to me including all the writers and readers! In behalf of all users, I thank you big time! :-)

Allow me to share XRP's recent fundamental developments and some overall technical analysis.

Let me start with its chart:

Courtesy of

I think or at least seeing a trending development in XRP's price action!

Based on my crazy wild trading system that I use in crypto and Forex markets, XRP might perform either of the following Elliot wave trajectories:

  1. Ascending Triangle

  2. Symmetrical Triangle

  3. Falling Wedge

All these 3 patterns are probable for bullish outcomes! We'll soon found out.

There's no guarantee but that's what I'm seeing for now.

Market sentiments are going positive over time too.


Check out my tweet:

I think personally that the Ripple VS US SEC lawsuit will finally have a conclusion!

Only time will tell. So to all XRP loves, extend your already extending patience!

Good things come to those who wait!

Meanwhile, let me layout XRP's supply tracker and the XRPL decentralization meter.

Full details on this here:

I already put all details as possible through the image above. As a summary, XRP's running supply or the ones current in circulation has increased by another 22M coins recently!

Worry not because this will not affect its price that much, okay? ;-)

My last part will be sharing XRP's decentralization meter.

I think the Ripple company has continued to keep its promise to make the XRPL network/ledger more decentralize over time! This will make the XRP eco-system healthy for the long-term good!

Remember or take note that I did my own deep researches to get these figures with the objective of sharing unto all my fellow XRP loves but I am fully aware that they are subject for correction! Please comment down below if you spot something wrong. I will greatly appreciate it.

Last of the last, be careful those trying to short XRP now because there will be sudden volume spikes out of nowhere. XRP is trending as I said earlier. Volatility is just around the corner and be aware too that trading the cryptocurrency markets involves risk!

Also, keep an eye on XRP's major crypto pairs:




Specially the XRPBTC pair!

How I wish for the 4th one, XRPADA! Yes I do!

You can follow me for more XRP updates including other cryptos and Forex markets through my social accounts:

Twitter: - MAIN




Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you like:

My small personal website:

Thanks a lot for reading my article from first to the finished line.

To the LORD Almighty God be the glory!

God bless you in Jesus name.

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Written by   52
4 months ago
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