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My XRP + Bitcoin Full Technical Report for April 19, 2021 - XRP Price To Correct 3-4 More Days!

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3 weeks ago

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. All contents on this blog are solely my own personal views and for Cryptocurrency Trading education/entertainment purposes only. Cryptocurrency Trading is very risky. Losses can exceed deposits. Enter with discretion.

Hello everyone! Today is Manic Monday, I was so exhausted today, lots of work to be done but till I am glad to be able to make this written report in time.

Not much activity I have observed for today. At least Bitcoin and XRP found solace on the support levels.

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Key highlights mentioned:

  • Bitcoin entered 5 days of consolidation.

  • XRP is looking to extend price correction for 3-4 more days.

  • Good XRP weekly close above 1.33-1.34 area just in time.

  • Boss Jed McCaleb continued selling 22.50+M XRP for the 2nd day.

I want to special mention DOGE for able to get past the ranks against the likes of Cardano's ADA in the crypto total market ranks.

Watch my video in full for more details:

A quick and straight-forward version I made today.

To close my article, remember there is always calm after the storm.

Do not forget to read my disclaimer above. You may read it many times if you want.

That is all for today! I do hope you have learned something new again and I am glad that I have delivered my technical mission for the day.

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Thanks a lot for continued support!

God bless you all my fellow XRP loves. I will continue my work.

God speed.

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Written by   41
3 weeks ago
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