Where to go from St. Petersburg in one day . or Vyborg medieval

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The suburbs of St. Petersburg are rich in sights and simply interesting places: this is nature, and architectural masterpieces, and man-made monuments. For me, a suburb is something where you can leave in the morning, take a walk in an interesting and tasteful way, and return in the evening.

Undoubtedly the symbol of Vyborg is the medieval Swedish fortress located on the Castle Island and the watchtower of St. Olaf with walls 4 meters thick, which was for a long time the tallest keep in Northern Europe.

From a distance, the fortress seems small and like a toy. But inside you realize that this is a real guard fortress, and not a toy, like most fortresses in Europe.

Vyborg is quite a tourist place, but at the same time there is practically no fuss and running of time in it. A lot of paving stones have been preserved in the old town, the facades of old buildings. Unfortunately, a lot requires restoration and restoration. Now, it seems like things have moved off dead center, and the process has begun. Let's hope that in 5 years the city will look better

Almost in the center of the Old Town you can see the Clock Tower, which is familiar to us from the movie "Sannikov Land". This is the tallest building in the territory of the Old Town, its dominant, which is the former bell tower of the Vyborg Cat.

The pearl of Vyborg is its landscape and landscape park Mon Repos, which is translated from French as "My rest". We were lucky to get here in good sunny weather, so the photos turned out to be simply magical

In the park there are openwork gazebos, and small statues, benches, bridges and large boulders. Bizarre breaks of the lake and trees on the rocks complete the amazing picture. Wonderful, calm, cozy

More photos of Mon Repos Park HERE Walking along the city embankment, you can see wooden boats, mock-ups of viing boats, which were used for filming the historical film "And trees grow on the stones." Here are small.

For a one-day walk from St. Petersburg - ideal. On the high-speed "Swallow" travel time is 1 hour 2 minutes. The walking trails of the old town start almost from the station. If you are tired, a very inexpensive taxi can help you. Have a great weekend and positive impressions,

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