What is Conscious Consumption and How to Get There?

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What is conscious consumption?

When you pay attention to your actions, you can notice how much we do out of habit, as if we have no choice or as if “it will do just that.” Whereas a conscious approach to everything that is bought, used, and thrown away can change for the better life of the modern citizen and the planet as a whole.

Newfangled trend or necessity? Conscious consumption is a philosophy that can change the world for the better. Today we will tell you about the basic principles of this movement and help you take the first step towards wise use of resources.

What to do.

  • Buy more expensive piece of clothing, but made from quality materials. Instead of buying a cheap item, choose something from a thrift store – there you can find things from famous brands with high-quality tailoring.

  • Buy a pair at a high quality shoes instead of shoes from the mass market, which are lose the decent look by the next season.

  • Do not throw away your old clothes in the trash bin. Give them to your friends, who might be interested in it. You can also donate it to the Red Cross or a thrift store.

  • Throw yourself a challenge. The no-buy challenge is gaining the power, was also supported by fashion bloggers. The goal is not to buy new clothes and cosmetics for at least a year. Instead of showing new purchases, followers talk about getting by with old ones or planning a budge.

    What is Conscious Consumption?

Conscious consumption, or sustainable consumption, is the rational consumption of manufactured products, natural and intangible resources. Its principle is to reduce thoughtless consumption, which has a negative impact on the environment. In simple terms, it is about how to use resources without harming anyone or anything. This approach helps to maintain balance in everything. Its global goal is to change the world and learn how to cause minimal damage to nature. The Zero Waste concept is a whole movement. Its mission is to get rid of garbage, which is the main environmental problem of the 21st century.

It includes the rule of four Rs in the seed:

Refuse Have noticed how many things in your house that you do not use, or use very rarely. Or maybe you know for sure that some production products can be replaced? Then give up what is harmful to the environment and is not vital for you. Reduce (reduce consumption). Are you sure that you need all those things that are in your closet or on the shelf of your desktop? Members of the Zero Waste movement will prove to you that 2-3 T-shirts and a few pairs of shoes for the season are enough for a happy life. Reuse Any things that do not lend themselves to reuse can be replaced with those. Reusing a plastic bottle is harmful, and in general, plastic is harmful to the environment. The reusable water bottle, on the other hand, will last for years. Recycle Anything that cannot be reused can be sent for recycling. But in this matter, it is important to correctly sort all the garbage and hand it over to the collection points for secondary raw materials

Benefits of Conscious Consumption

Why has conscious consumption become a trend and what is the benefit? First of all, you need to think globally. We live in a very polluted world, where living organisms may soon run out of space. No, these are not scary tales, but real statistics. Every day, each of us throws an average of 2 kg of garbage, which is 15 billion tons daily. Can you imagine this scale? Another study suggests that by 2050 there will be more debris in the ocean than fish.

But after all, each of us can correct this situation and put in our bit of effort. The amount of garbage can be significantly reduced by learning how to sort it. A significant contribution is also made by those who simply do not buy unnecessary things, but choose products from environmentally friendly materials.

How to come to conscious consumption?

The Zero Waste concept is not just a set of rules. For years people go to live according to the principles of conscious consumption. It takes a lot of time to study the relevant literature and adapt to a new way of life. But if you really want to contribute to the future of our planet, you can start small.

Here are some steps you can take today:

Reduce the amount of waste generated. Do not use plastic bags, but replace them with eco-shoppers, eat cutlery, not plastic ones, give up cups in coffee shops. Learn to sort your trash. You yourself will be pleased that you are in complete control of this process. You will see how much surplus products you buy and learn to cut back over time. Keep track of the compositions. Not only in food, but also in cosmetics, clothes, furniture. Synthetic fabrics, silicones in your daily products and plastics in new furniture pollute the environment. Buy as needed. Perhaps you yourself have noticed how many things are idle in your closet. Break this trend and learn to buy only what you really need. Give away the unnecessary. If your jeans are too small for you and you want to replace your old furniture, don't throw them in a landfill. There they will decompose for several decades. Better give them to those in need or sell them. Keep track of resources. Electricity and water are what we are used to controlling only because of the utility tariffs. But these are also natural resources. Turn off lights when not in the room and save water in the shower. You can take the first step towards conscious consumption by buying the right clothes and accessories that will last you longer. For example, cork bags and shoes are completely eco-friendly. There are no synthetic substances in their composition, and they will serve you many times longer than a cheap item from the mass market.


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