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  • Orphans are children, without protection because their fathers are passed away in their early age this definition is according to Islam religion.

  • When a child lost both or less of his parents through death, commonly in his young age is an orphan .And for orphans in animals the definition is different

  • A young animal that has lost its mother is orphan. But lost of protective affiliation is common for both in humans and in animals.

  • Adult(in age over 18) person is not considered an orphan Even if his or her father is alive or not . But in real life we call every person orphan whose father is not alive , technically this term is not applied to age over 18.

  • Many orphans do not have any source of income and a guardian to take care this make their life hardest.

    The one who leaves your hand , Has a grief we never know.

    And Then 2nd wo let him to leave hand has his own story.

    In this all the Love becomes an Orphan.

Children Become Orphans because of some reasons

Here are some major reasons for a children to become orphan that are elaborated as under. Some of the leading causes are listed below.

  • War : Highest Destructing reason among all others to make innocent children as orphan is war. In war the soldiers fight to protect his country and repel the all country children from becoming orphan but his this holy act can make his children orphan.

  • Diseases: 2nd major cause that lead to the children becoming fatherless is different kind of diseases included cancer, Aids ,And many other diseases lead to a patient to natural death and their death lead their children to become orphan.

  • Poverty: Poverty Have different effects on human lives , Money is every thing in this world almost you can buy any and every thing with money . So if we look at to another aspect of lack of money which means being poor . Poverty leads to Fights, hunger , health issues, kills happiness, cant have basic resources to complete basic needs. If we set all the aspects of poverty to To a single unit It makes a mans mind towards suicide . He do this unwillingly when he could not fight against poverty . Never thinks of his children . And by taking this step he makes his children fatherless.

  • Natural disasters: Natural disasters are the 4th main reason leading to make children fatherless. t is the only thing that effects on the communities , families not only a single person . It can destroy a single house or can destroy a complete town . And can left behind the unfortunate children who lost their parents in natural Disasters. Different natural disasters are typhoons, Earthquakes , Dearth and Storms. These natural disasters Effects large communities on a single place and make children Orphans in a huge number.

  • Abandonment: People being in a relationship exceeds their limits. They never think about there future , never have a family support for love marriage but they have sex without using any protection and the process comes to a result that they have a child but the hurdle is parents are not agree for love marriage . Where that child will go you have produced before marriage??? They both make a decision of abandonment of that child and through their child in to garbage tub and clean their hands. Now anyone will see the child will take him to his home and feed him.

    Accidents: Is last major cause of this unfortunate in production of orphans. Usually Parents travel alone or without there children or keep there children on back seat unfortunately if anything bad happens . The parents on the front seat of the car may become the victims of the accidents. And there children remain safe but it is bad luck for them to live without their in this cruel world.

Life Of Orphans.

When a child have a turn in his life that his father is passed away life snatches everything from that child in a cruel manner . No one can provide this child with happiness as his father can do if he were alive. Mostly the orphans are carried by co-family members as carried by uncles from mother or father side or other communities could also do this. Families who carry the child are already living in the poverty because they have their own family members and fixed expenses for them. Some type of social and public help is required to provide these orphans with

  • 1-Good food:

When a person helps a poor who do not have food to eat it will not be burden on that person financially but It will be a great help for the hungry person. Hunger is a punishment that hurts the most . And having good food to eat is blessing . Create easy life for others God Will do this for you from his side.

  • 2-Health securities:

Health securities refer to the health facilities and Medications for those people who can not afford this . In this modern era medicines are very much expensive, although government provides some facilities of free medication but it leads to the wait of your turn among thousands of people in hospitals. in this waiting time the patient could travel toward death . So it would be very much helpful and easy to get a checkup in a private hospital because the expenses are high in private hospitals the orphans can not afford.

  • 3-School expenses .

An orphan child has also dreams to become a great person as other children dream for their future. from my point of view an orphan will have higher dreams than a normal child because an orphan faces hard times in his life. He have listened bitter words of society and bear harsh behaviors of others . This thing motivates them to get a higher rank . So the need is To take care of them provide them with all facilities that are necessary for their education.

  • 4-Clothing:

If we talk about clothing then first thing is to clear a concept about difference in clothing and dressing . Clothing is need of dress or clothes to fill full the need of that clothes will protect you from hard behavior of weather like winter or summer.

We should take care in providing the orphans with warm clothes in winter when it is hard to bear the hardness of season and help them in a way that without hurting their self respect.

Adopt Orphans

Some of the orphans are get adopted and many of them are not get adopted. Adoption depends upon their fate . An orphan can not decide that who will adopt him but the person who is going to adopt a child have right to adopt his selective child. We all should become a hope for children who are waiting to be adopted by a good family to spend a normal life.

Adoption In Islam Religion Is different from system of adoption in western countries. Adoption in Islam refers to

  • Raising the Adopted kid.

  • Loving Orphans.

  • Supporting them.

The adopted children will never get the last name from the family who adopted him. The child will have his last name of his real parents with his name .

We can help the orphans in different ways.

  • Many children do not know that when they will eat their next meal. we should provide them with food to satisfy their appetite.

  • Give the children water which will not make them sick and satisfy their thirst and give them health.

  • Educate the children to empower them as you want to empower yours.

  • Show your kindness and love to orphans as you want for your children.

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