In her Eyes

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3 years ago

Have a little comfort in restlessness
I wish there was a situation to meet

Those who show my heart, listen
Go and God's blessings be upon you

It's not okay to kill him with hate
Who just needs love

That's why I don't touch you
You are someone else's trust

Far away from white color good
There should be a small statue in front of me.

Don't give him a message
Whoever has a habit of calling

Her eyes tell me.
Who has a power in his heart

It takes initiative to talk
The one who has more desire in his heart

Even after swearing to live and die
See, still you are safe.

I like such a girl
The one who loves the village.

And you are nothing but Waqas
Kiss the lips if allowed

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3 years ago


Very nice. ❤️

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3 years ago

Thank you so much

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3 years ago