Human As a Beast (Relation_Of_This_Concept To_Our_Society)

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3 years ago

There is a difference between an animal and a beast.

Here are different theories and ideas to explain this concept. But i want to share my thoughts on it ..

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  • Actually is a third specie In between human and animal. For example, wolf ' leopard ' lion ' elephant ' pig ' and snake are Beasts. and

  • We can teach and who can recognize his owner is a beast.



  • Horse ' dog ' monkey ' bin man ' cats ' goats ' cows and buffalo are animals.

  • We humans cannot feed the creature we can't nurture and can not train probably is an animal.

Healing House for Animals Not for Beasts

That is the reason we call a hospital as " Hospital For Animals" we don not call it As " Hospital For Beasts" . Healing house for animals says ' healing house is not for Beasts in Pakistan because we can only take pets to these hospitals and there doctors treat only domestic animals.

While In Some Other Angles the Definition is different.

If the difference between the beast and the animal is accepted that I have told, then we have seen lion, elephant snake and swine As trained. If we go out of Pakistan, we will see many thoughts, talks and more. The meaning of thoughts and change.

In my eyes, every body that has life is an animal,, and the living body which is not a brain and kind feelings, it is a beast.

Common Things In Both(Animals And Beasts)

Animal or Beast, they have one thing in common.

  • That they kill another animal only for the sake of need or defense, that too by being forced by instinct.

  • Humans have trained twelve animals well that they animals do what human wants. They have Taught everything.

  • Despite "You couldn't teach an animal to kill another animal in the name of vision, you can never satisfy a monkey to give you the banana in his hand by promise to meet heaven after death.

But on the contrary. Human history is a full from millennial incidents where

  • A human being crimes in the name of belief and religion to kill another human being.

  • Incidents of human genocide by religion and belief.

  • Every civilization and every religion is common with abundance and continuity.

  • Crusades be it the so-called Holocaust or especially in India and Africa.

  • The rituals of burning the anti-tribes and family members as witchcraft or witch, the ancient interior of China-India.

  • There are epidemic wars, all of them have the same passion, that is, the rule of our belief and the destroying other's beliefs.

If Your Religion is worth killing for, Please start with yourself

The tragedy of our society is the same, religious dispute. If we have contrast in the context of history, the Theme of this article shows the concept situation is same in the world.

  • No religion permits anyone to kill innocent.

  • Rather, it has given the most severe punishments.

  • This murder is the result of private interests and private grievances that hide in the garbage of religion and cult.

  • Brother Will kill brother, spill blood across the land . killing for religion , something i do not understand. Fools like me who cross the sea and come to foreign lands , ask the sheep for their beliefs do you kill on Gods command. (Dave Mustaine).


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3 years ago


Well said. I also hate these kind of people who punish innocent animals.

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3 years ago

Great article

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excellent post dear

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really amazing your idea , keep it up

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wow,,,excellent article bro,,,carry on...

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