Harry Potter: Best Reddit Threads For Die-Hard Fans

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Although it may look like almost every Harry Potter theory has been covered by fans and fan fiction writers by now, there are many, many things about the Potterverse which remain severely underexplored. And a loyalist doesn’t need to look beyond Reddit to answer any question they may have about the series or any character.

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But there are some questions even Reddit doesn’t seem to have the answers to. Usually, a controversial Reddit post invites a lot of polarized opinions and theories, but when it comes to Harry Potter, unpopular opinions pose a delicious challenge to Redditors since they love proving or disproving a theory. There are some very engaging Reddit threads out there about the Potterverse that die-hard loyalists will love.

Unpopular Opinion Alert

It’s common knowledge that Ron and Hermione’s relationship did not start on a sweet note; Ron considered her to be a know-it-all and it was evident that Hermione thought Ron to be rather obnoxious and clumsy, and maybe a bit daft, at times. And although they quickly became friends, this Redditor is of the opinion that Ron and Hermione made it a habit to bring each other down, mostly one-on-one, but sometimes publicly.

This observation could be deemed quite controversial because though they challenged each other, they obviously cared about each other immensely, even before they were romantically involved. And as expected, this tread invites a lot of perspectives on their relationship.

Dark Lord, Meet The Triumphant Trio

This has to be one of the most engaging Reddit threads related to the Potter-verse. Voldemort obsessed over Harry for years and knew every little detail about him. But he never really references Harry's friends or even worries about their intentions. Voldemort hardly cares about what Ron and Hermione are up to, at least pertaining to defeating him or finding the Horcruxes.

Harry Potter: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Quidditch

This Redditor points out that the Dark Lord must know all about the Weasley family since they are blood-traitors and Hermione goes to the extent of erasing her parents’ memories to protect them from the Dark Lord. But the fact remains, did the Dark Lord care at all about Harry’s closest friends who were almost like family to him, or even think of them as a threat on any level?

How Does Ophthalmology Work In The Wizarding World?

What started out as an innocent observation turned into an elaborate and intense discussion about the mechanics of the wizarding world, with over 400 comments. One Redditor pointed out that Harry doesn’t seem to ever need new glasses and just keeps wearing the same ones. But if he did, in fact, need new glasses, who would he go to?

Are there ophthalmologists in Diagon Alley? Also, is it possible to magically fix someone’s eyesight, or to at least improve it, or does that fall under the purview of dark magic?

The Bigger Questions

It’s common for teenagers to discuss their crushes and talk about the people they are interested in. Harry could never talk to Ron about his crush on Ginny because she was Ron's sister. But a Reddit thread has people questioning why did Ron never discusses his feelings for Hermione with Harry? There are actually many schools of thought relating to this observation.

Harry Potter: Important Details You Didn't Know About Sirius And Remus's Friendship

Some Redditors believe that Ron suspected that also had feelings for Hermione, and it obviously becomes a source of anxiety for him later on. But it’s also possible that Harry simply knew early on how Ron really felt and simply wanted to give him space since he was so close to both Ron and Hermione. 

The friendship between Sirius and Remus is one of the most important in Harry Potter, and here's what the movies left out.

While they make for good movies, the Harry Potter adaptations leave a lot out. In fact, one of the most consistent criticisms that the series faces is that they completely butcher the source novels. Whether it be through poor character adaptations or just leaving massive (and important) chunks out of the story, the Harry Potter franchise could have been more faithfully adapted.

They Helped Create The Marauder's Map

One of the biggest sins of the movie series is not going into detail regarding the Marauder's Map. The map plays an important role in Prisoner of Azkaban (and some subsequent movies), but viewers are never really given any information regarding its production.

The map was co-created by Remus and Sirius during their Hogwarts years, with help from James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. And speaking of a lack of information regarding the Marauders Map...

Sirius Is Padfoot And Remus Is Mooney

Prisoner of Azkaban explicitly mentions the names Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs. Yet it fails to give viewers the rest of the admittedly very important information. Movie viewers would not know that those are the nicknames of Remus, Peter, Sirius, and James, respectively.

The nicknames derive from their Animagus (and werewolf) forms. Remus is a werewolf (Mooney), Peter is a rat (Wormtail), Sirius is a dog (Padfoot), and James was a stag (Prongs).

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