Drugs are dangerous

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A drugs is an illegal substance .which some people use to intoxicate their minds. It makes them forget every thing . They lose control over themselves. There is clear medical evidence that adolescent.Drugs users have a higher risk developing addictions as adults. That's because the human brain continues to develop until we are in our drugs use during adolescence can adversely affect this neurodevelopment.

They inject smoke drink or inhale creation adhesives when people become drug adicated they face and causea lot promlem.Pharmacodynamics, described as what a Drugs does to the involves receptor binding, postreceptor effects, and chemical interactions. drug pharmacokinetics determines the onset, duration, and intensity of a drugs effect.As these drugs ae quite costly addicts drain away their money o buy the drugs.Drugs undergo four stages within the body absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion. After a drugs is administered, it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The circulatory system then distributes the drugs throughout the body. Then it is metabolized by the body.

when they have no money they try to get through illegal means such as stealing or robbing .They are in pitiable condition they become quralel some and disturb family setup.How much is taken. The more that is taken the greater the danger. Taking too much of a sedative drug can lead to a fatal overdose. Taking a large dose of a stimulant drug can lead to panic attacks,heart problems or in extreme cases, psychotic behaviour . Taking a large dose of a hallucinogenic drug may lead to disturbing experiences. Taking a high dose of many drugs can lead to a lack of ordination and increase the likelihood of accidents.

  • How often the drug is taken. The more often a drug is taken, the greater the risks to your health, With some drugs a tolerance can develop and more needs to be taken in order to keep getting an effect. If heavy, frequent use is followed by a period of non-use tolerance levels drop. Taking the same amount of drug needed with high tolerance levels can bring on an overdose, especially with drugs like heroin. Not all drugs produce tolerance. safeguard against tolerance. If taken too frequently it just stops working. No matter how much is taken there will be no effect at all.

They cannot control their temperament they remain dirty and prefer to liv among addicts.They do not care about their family.

About families

The families are also affecred and hurt by people who used drugs .they have to take care of them and provide with them medicine and treatment.

The Harmful Nature of Drugs Essay

In some people's opinion drug abuse is a choice, and some believe it is forced upon due to peer pressure or the pressures of life. Some people are drive when they are drink or intoxicated in such a condition the cause accident putting their lives and their lives of other people in danger some people or able to use prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. Even though some drugs are not considered hazardous if they are plant based or are only used occasionally in a controlled manner, it can still result in severe consequences. The use of unprescribed drugs should just be avoided in the first place, if not for a legitmate medical use. Drugs can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, and can cause serious damage physically and mentally. The reasoning for my stern opinion that unhealthy drug use is overall problematic, is due to the experience of losing my best. They cause many road accident and may kill the people.

These addicts make our world unhappy and insecure.Different types of drugs affect your body in different ways, and the effects associated with drugs can vary from person to person. How a drug effects an individual is dependent on a variety of factors including body size, general health, the amount and strength of the drug, and whether any other drugs are in the system at the same time. It is important to remember that illegal drugs are not controlled substances, and therefore the quality and strength may differ from one batch to another. 

Drugs can have short-term and long. These effects can be physical and psychological, and can include dependency.

You may act differently, feel differently and think differently if you have taken drugs.

You might begin to use drugs without thinking about any harm to your body. You might think drugs won't become a problem because you are only a casual user. The more you take a drug, the more likely you are to build up a tolerance to its effects. This can lead to the need to take larger doses to obtain the effects of the drug. For this reason, evidence suggests that after prolonged use, many drugs can cause dependence. Drug dependence can quickly begin to affect your psychological and physical health, and can also affect your work and social life.

It is important to remember that there is no safe level of drug use. Be careful when taking any kind of drug.

The make the surrounding.They hurt the world we share.

we ovoid from drugs and avoid our family

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