Cryptocurency future in Pakistan

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Hi dear readers, today i am here to share some most important things and my deep analysis with a short story of my journey about Cryptocurency in pakistan. How crypto promoters are being behaved in my country, and they are being threatened by the government of pakistan,

So lets start our article.

From the beginning.

I am interested to share my life story in a brief manner so that you will get the main theme of my article.

First step toward learning.

I started my journey in online earning sincere 2019, at first i invested my money by giving it to my so called friend for forex trading. As he was my friend so i believed him and was trapped by him. Gave him all of my savings because he said he will earn profit by doing forex trading on my money and we will decide the profit with 50% margin. After q week of my investment to him, he blocked me from every social media website and ran away. It was my first loss and first lesson also.

Second experience in crypto world.

After being scammed by my friend, i decided to reinvest and recover my loss which i made in my friend's hands.

I decides to invest my money in an online company for a fix profit on monthly basis, although withdrawal was on daily basis, but what happened again????

Oh! Again i got scammed by thay German website and they ran away by saying first that their website is in maintenance for 15 days, and they said all of their shareholders to give 15 dollars per head to help in the maintenance kf site and to get back their asset. But it was from that day to today website is in maintenence lol 😂.

On a Right track.

Now after being scammed two times in a row, now i decided to learn about Cryptocurency by myself. I spent my two weeks on research about Cryptocurency, like what is Cryptocurency, what is block chain, what is mining, how block chain works, is this a safe platform to invest to earn and to hold money, i got answers for all of my questions. No doubt i was satisfied. I decided to invest in BCH coin for the first time using payeer wallet.

Wow! What was that?? It was 5x profit just in 6 months. I was feeling my self as luckiest person in my family and friends, i recovered all of my previous loses. And here i learn how to earn money from Cryptocurency. The story is not get stop here.

When i was very stable after earning a handsome amount from Cryptocurency. I have seen a personality in pakistan which was a best promoter of Cryptocurency in pakistan.

He is Waqar zakka, he is not only a name but an icon for promoter and teacher for Pakistan nation, people who never heard even Cryptocurency name in pakistan

He thought people about Cryptocurency, he is the one who imparted knowledge in people's mind in pakistan, and he developed respect for himself in oue hearts.

Waqar zakka's hardwork in regulating Cryptocurency in pakistan

He tried hard to regulate Cryptocurency in pakistan. .

He held seminars.

He arranged meetings regarding Cryptocurency with higher authorities of pakistan.

He has a great ocean of youth behind him for their rights regarding Cryptocurency.

He is facing threats from government.

Prime Minister of pakistan warned waqar zakka about not to invest his time in giving awareness about Cryptocurency in people of pakistan.

He is being threatened and warned to stop being and influencer of Cryptocurency.

What pakistani government says about Cryptocurency.

Pakistan government thinks that Cryptocurency should be banned in pakistan. Here a question arises, why Cryptocurency should be banned??

The answer from the government is, Cryptocurency is a source of money laundering.

Pakistan is on number six in Cryptocurency investment, all over the world.

But our government don't want that poor people or middle class people to be rich in this platform of Cryptocurency. Yes! It is dirty politics, to whome you will rule at when everyone is in good financial condition.

Government wants people to be in poverty to get votes, and to rule them.

Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for reading

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