Care for Wounds

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3 years ago

The one who cares for the wounds

He cannot sprinkle salt

The way to your village, repentance

I can't reach you

He must have removed himself

Can't do it just like that

Such eyes are useless eyes

From whom tears can't shed

Whoever speaks the language of morality

He can't beat anyone

When it's night it will shine well

Tara day I can't shine

Zahid after seeing in your eyes

How can I say that I can't go astray

The one who has held the hand with a true heart

He can't never be back

My mouth is not like you

This will laugh can't hang

Such an eagle dies of hunger

Which can't stick right away

This is so thanks to my God that

I'm going can't get stuck

Torture me as much as you want

I can't get tired so quick

His words are like flowers

She is like the moon herself

Like a flower of jasmine

Yep he is exactly like that

Every hundred light turns on

Whenever she laughs openly

His tone is full of love

Because Urdu speaks

I show him the moon

Whoever asks how is it

His name is Zwah-e-Mann and

It is really the light of the heart

Those were a great time

When friends were old

Finished in a few moments

There were years of friendships

She was a village girl

We were crazy about whom

I liked the tea

Where there were hundreds of meals

Both the mole of your lips

My heart had places

I had to get married now.

I had to carry your attitude

I used to write with passion

Didn't have to earn money

The cold was too much

I had to burn your letters too

Those who were ours till morning

Had to be strangers in the evening

We had the key

But had to make locks

I had to tell you

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3 years ago


That was such an interesting read

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