Captain America: Real-Life Relationship.

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If MCU fans loved the Captain America movies and are intrigued to know more about the cast, maybe these general facts might intrigue them?

The MCU has given fans a tight-knight group of actors. Some brought to life comic book characters that fans never imagined in their wildest dreams. One being Chris Evans in the role of Captain America. While there were a few protests at the time that he was cast, it's now hard to imagine anyone else better suited for the role.

Not only did Captain America: The First Avenger helped cement the character in the MCU but its supporting characters were also able to make their mark in other MCU movies and shows. As fans held these actors close to their hearts, they also couldn't help but be curious about their personal lives. It may be surprising to learn that some of these actors have been happily married for years. Their zodiac signs say a lot about their personality.

Neal McDonough played one of Cap's loyal comrades as part of the Howling Commandoes. The real-life actor was born in 1966, making him (currently) 55-years old. At the time of the movie's release, he was only 45-years-old. He roughly stands at 5'11' and is currently married. He married his wife, Ruvé Robertson in 2003. The couple has five children together. Since he was born a day before Valentine's Day, the Massachusetts native is an Aquarius.

Actor Derek Luke portrayed the character of Gabe Jones in the movie, who is another member of the Howling Commandoes. After the movie's success, Luke became known for his role as Kevin Porter on 13 Reasons Why. Born in 1974, fans may also be interested to know that Luke hails from the Garden State of New Jersey.

Since 1998, Luke has been married to Sophia Adella Luke. Per her Instagram, the couple has one son together. When it comes to height, the actor stands at 5'10" and is a Taurus

Kenneth Choi has made a name for himself, appearing in many movies and shows, such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Sons of Anarchy. He currently stars in the FOX series, 9-1-1 as LAFD firefighter, Howie Han. Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the actor was born in October 1971, meaning he is a Libra. Choi stands slightly shorter than his MCU castmates at 5'6". The actor hasn't been public with any relationship and is currently single.

Seeing as the movie would introduce some of MCU's pivotal characters, one of them had to be Tony's father, Howard Stark. Actor Dominic Cooper took up the role as a younger version of Stark, even reprising his role in Agent Carter a couple of years later. The Mamma Mia! actor was born in early June of 1978, making him a Gemini.

Even the worst of villains needs a loyal henchman. Actor Toby Jones played Zola, the duty-bound Red Skull scientist who was extremely loyal to Hydra. The British actor was born in early September of 1966. Before taking part in the MCU, the actor had his breakthrough role as Truman Capote in the biopic Infamous. 

Jones has been officially married since 2015, revealing on The Graham Norton Show that he's been with his wife for 25 years. Together, the couple has two daughters named Madeleine and Holly.

Tommy Lee Jones is one of Hollywood's most infamous actors, having starred in the action-packed franchise, Men in Black and in Batman Forever, where he played Two-Face. Jones is the oldest actor from the MCU movie cast, having been born in September in 1946. Before marrying Dawn Laurel in 2001, Jones was first married to Katherine Lardner from 1971 until 1978. Three years later in 1981, he married Kimberlea Clough and had two children before divorcing in 1996.

While Tucci's role as Dr. Abraham Erskine was short-lived, fans fell in love with his character. Dr.Abraham would be the one to give Steve Rogers his opportunity after being rejected so many times, believing Rogers to have a good heart. Tucci is a Hollywood actor with a filmography list that goes on and on.

The actor was first married to Kathryn "Kate" Spath-Tucci, who sadly passed away in 2009. They were married in 1995 and had three children together. By 2011, Tucci was introduced to Emily Blunt's older sister, Felicity Blunt at her wedding to John Krasinksi. The couple married in 2012 and have a daughter and son.

Leo: Tommy

Billy and Tommy are twins, so they should be under the same zodiac sign. Their personalities and motivations, however, are incredibly different from one another. While Billy is more in his head and focused on emotions, Tommy is focused on action. In particular, he's focused on moving fast since he looks up to his "Uncle Pete" so much. Tommy is also someone who loves to be at the center of everyone's attention. Like any Leo, he has no problem drawing everyone's attention to himself to relieve the tension in a situation. That might mean running through the neighborhood when his mom admonishes him, or it might mean cheekily stealing a hat from a SWORD agent during a fight.

Virgo: Vision

The version of Vision the audience sees in WandaVision is constructed from Wanda's own memories, but his personality is completely intact. He is the most logical and methodical of his family, which alone would make him a great candidate for a Virgo. Virgos love a good plan. They don't like to go into a situation without knowing all the possible outcomes. That speaks to the analytical part of Vision. Virgos also, however, tend to be nurturers. They want to take care of everyone. The audience can see that in Vision as he's willing to sacrifice himself in order to take care of all of Westview, not just his own family.

Libra: Darcy

There is no bigger Wanda Vision fan than Darcy Lewis. She's the one person who shows up to the weirdness at Westview with a completely open mind - and manages to find the right channel. Darcy has a lot of traits of other signs. She can be as charming as a Gemini, but also as aggressive as a Scorpio. She's also a bit of an idealist and a natural leader. That's why she's a Libra. Despite being a scientist and not a SWORD agent, Darcy makes herself right at home calling the shots in a room full of people with weapons. She's not easily intimidated, and like Monica and Jimmy, she's determined to get to the truth, but she doesn't want to sacrifice Vision and Wanda's love story to do it.

Scorpio: Hayward

The director of SWORD who is absolutely obsessed with Vision, Hayward plays his cards close to the vest. He doesn't tell Monica just why he's really interested in Wanda and Vision's sitcom life in Westview.

Capricorn: Agatha

Agatha, of course, is Agnes's true personality. Agatha Harkness is a woman of ambition. She wants nothing more than to have all the magic - and all of the magical knowledge - she can get. That's evident in her taking the power from her original coven, but also in her attempts to gain Wanda's. While that ambition is certainly a Capricorn trait, Agatha also exhibits another Capricorn trait: she can't resist teaching Wanda. Even though Agatha is the villain trying to siphon Wanda's magic, she's also the person who finally gives Wanda information about her powers she can use. Agatha spends their fight opening Wanda's mind to her true potential.

Aquarius: Dottie/Sarah.

When the audience first meets Dottie, she's someone who definitely wants things her way. That independent mindset is certainly that of an Aquarius. Dottie's true personality, that of a mother named Sarah, also exhibits the Aquarius humanitarian traits.

Sarah appeals to Wanda as a mother for help. She just wants her little girl to be able to go to school and live her life. Wanda keeps all of the children in Westview out of the fray, but Sarah just wants her daughter to get to live again, and that's one of the things that finally gets through to Wanda.

Pisces: Wanda.

WandaVision is truly all about Wanda's journey in dealing with her grief. She's kept it inside for so long that it overwhelms her. Her finally being able to give in to her emotions is one of the reasons she's a Pisces.

Pisces are often referenced as the daydreamer of the zodiac. They are very in tune with their own emotions, but they tend to get lost in their own heads a lot. These are the people who escape from their harsh reality with their favorite television show, not unlike Wanda herself.

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