Acid attack.

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3 years ago

what does acid attack feel like?

its feel like cumbersome it burns your face tort your skin its also pain

full it feel a hot sensation .

what is the firstaid for acid attack ?

cool the burn with cool or lukeworm running water for twenty minutes

put the cling film in a layer over the burn med for acid attack are for pain

are paracetamol or ibuprofen .

psychology effects

When you bing attacked by acid herecomes the serous mental disorder

wich are depressition insomnia and anxity .

Reasons for acid attack?

refusal of marriage

denial of sex

control over womens

Can you fully recover from acid attack ?

some deeper burns can take few months to years and some inspit of that leave scars that cant properly heal over years.

facial surgery for acid attack on skin ?

there are many people who are being attacked and hospitalised because of acid attack and for this the time surgens make a series of diagonal cuts along the scars on the light hand side of him or her neck before stitching back up the area the aim to relieve the pressure and improve some of her magerproblems plastic surgery is best for many skin problems and also give best results in that problem.

I think the results are quite better as we can see the picture above. but i would like to say please be kind with the human kind and bring peace which is best for whole world.

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3 years ago