You are destined to thrive, not survive

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September 27, 2022

Good evening. Yesterday night, I was feeling in pain. When I get back from school, I ate lunch after that i went to play cricket with my langootiya friends. While playing I tried to catch the ball and in that instance, my smallest finger got hit by the ball, and I think its bone get slipped from its place. This is the main reason I spent totally a restless night. The pain wasn't limited to only the finger, not limited to the hand, and not limited to the elbow but it reached the shoulder and make me feel cried. I couldn't sleep.

Image by Ave Calvar

Because in Muslims it's forbidden to eat food with my left hand (most of my friends here maybe don't know about this fact) so I have to eat a meal with my injured right hand. For a right-hander it is hard to do all the daily routine chores with its infected and injured right hand, engulfing a bitter sip of pain I am doing all the work with this almost broken finger. I'm requesting you to pray for me, for my health, and for my success.

My last article was on an important topic, if you haven't read it, I will recommend you to read it, this will add the value of information and motivation in your mind, moreover, provide me with your excellent feedback if you want to. Here is the link to my previous article.

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You are Destined to Thrive

Firstly humans only need food and a comfortable place to be alive and to survive the hot and cold weather including thirst and hunger, then time passes, and after thousands of years, humans' consciousness level gets increased and they tried to use their brains more precisely to get things done to live in a better way. The ones who were eating tree leaves to survive started eating fruits, they prepared little things to hunt other animals and birds to get food. Every day was of learning and use of the brain wisely plus too much passage of time bring humans to the place they are now.

Then the exchange of goods started among humans, they started living in the form of societies to be secure and happy. When the time came they traveled ahead from the exchange of goods to a currency, yes different precious things get used as a currency, coins are introduced to buy and sell goods, paper currency is introduced then banking systems are established. Yep paper currency has been replaced by ATM cards and digital currencies and humans are now at the latest technology of Cryptocurrencies.

What is this all mentioned above? This is transformation, this is actually the real thriving of the human species. They transformed from a very hard life to a facilitated one.

You need to Thrive not just Survive.

You are a seed or first drop of water for your parents and siblings. Your parents facilitate you with all essential nutrients and components to grow well, they feed you milk in the start as a little plant needs urea or other minerals to grow. Then they protect you from hot and cold weather that could affect your growth like a plant gets affected by hot as well as cold weather. It needs to be protected from the hardness of unpleasant and harmful weather.

They protect you from bad company and immoral society. Now it is time for you to complete and fulfill your own as well as your parent's dreams. To fulfill your dreams it is not necessary to just survive, but you will have to Thrive, you will have to work more hard as compared to average society members. After a lot of hard work and spending time money and effort, you will be able to afford each and everything that makes you happy or relates to your desires.


Thrive, Model,

Thrive Research and Intervention Center run by William and Mary introduced a thrive model. This model is quite easy to understand and it reflects a complete meaning of thriving.


The central point of this model is based on a word named 'Transformation'. What is a transformation in relation to Thrive? Transformation here is changing into a more progressive form from a general one, as I mentioned above that seed gets transformed into a plant in darkness under the soil. The seed is less beneficial than a plant and a tree is more beneficial than a plant. And a tree with fruits on it is more beneficial than a normal and ordinary tree.

Image by Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash

Transformation is a continuous change that could be positive and negative as well. A positive transformation is as much necessary as a seed transforms into a fruit-giving tree and for humans, it is also necessary in the same way, the difference is of feeding the seed and feeding the human brain with thoughts and the human stomach with compulsory nutrients.

Hope: Hope is the seed and basic growth product to create and develop a thriving life. Without hope a person is useless when he gets defeated from stress unsuccessful chores, and he gets failed in his aim and missions, he loses hope and when hope is dead the person also isn't alive. Hope keeps a person alive and sticks to goals and aims. To find a thriving life hope is a basic and essential component.

Education: Education is the second step on the ladder of thriving. A person will take interest in getting an education when he has a hope of successful life. The next step is education which is most important in understanding things regarding life, society, and inner personality, including each and everything based on the interests of the person.

Virtue Development: The third ladder to Thrive is the development of virtue in your personality. It is time to show the change in behavior that is developed in you by the education you get in the institutions and the society. How to show this positive change in behavior is by developing a personality that is possessing virtuous characteristics. If you don't have a zeal of virtue in you, all of your education is nothing but the degrees you get are pieces of paper, nothing else...

Inter Culturalism: a sentence in our native language has a meaning that "you should have a dressing alike with the place you are living in". It means that accept other cultures and spreading your own culture in them too. This would have a positive effect on society when you interchange different cultures. Your positivities will be transferred or copied to others and their culture will make a copy in yours. This would create a healthy working environment.

Resilience: This is the last step in being the leader of Thrive. If you climbed up all the steps without skipping any of them. You have now the resilience power to take off and touch your destination and desires. Which was a basic motive for a thriving life.


What does a child need to Thrive?

Seven things a child needs to Thrive are discussed.

  1. To be heard. (Always listen to your kid, never make him feel that his questions are senseless and not necessary. Give importance to the discussion he/she wants to have with you.)

  2. To be affirmed: Keep your eyes on the activities of your child. He needs to be affirmed if he is doing something positive or negative. Check things like mobile and tabs he is using in your existence and accept this. Keep checking and tracking him. If he wants you to clear his unclear concepts, he must be affirmed.

  3. To Be Blessed: A child needs to be blessed by his parents and other elders. If he needs anything his legal wishes should be fulfilled. Parents should take care of their child's needs and wishes. And the child should be blessed with the things he deserves.

  4. To be safe: To Thrive first it is needed to be alive and to be safe. A child's protection regarding his health and mental growth is necessary. To keep his mind and body healthy.

  5. To be touched: This point actually doesn't make sense, yes if there are parents and siblings, a child should be touched positively to keep arising the confidence of the child.

  6. To be chosen: A child should be chosen for everything to make him realize that he is important and worthy to be chosen.

  7. Should be included: Including your kid in every activity boosts his confidence and makes him active in understanding things. He becomes clever in solving and understanding problems in his life.

Closing Lines

You are destined to thrive, you are chosen by millions of sperms when you reached the womb defeating almost 40 million sperms. Never feel hopeless. You can do everything, just look up to others who don't have facilities equal to you but they are not losing hope and working hard continually. Look at those who are paralyzed but trying to manage their routine life. Surviving only isn't your final destination, your hard work will never get wasted.


This is a 100% original article by me.

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