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First Prompt

Hi! Howdy? Hope you have a fine time, everything is working in your favor. Have a beautiful day, sunny morning with the sweet sound of chirping birds. Every day is a blessing for me these days, sleeping with a number of 3.14 and after waking up when I see it is 7.21, this is really making me happy. I'm in love with this platform and everything in it, the people here are so much pleasing.

I have seen a few articles on reading cash in which people are exploring their personalities. They are asking questions to their own minds and replying by themselves. I found this really interesting and decided to write an article on that. I have saved the picture from a person's profile but I forgot who it was. I want to mention the link to that article but I don't remember the name of that person. If I remember, I will for sure mention a link here. Apologies for now.

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Before starting the article properly. I really want to express my thoughts about being beloved sponsor. I love you both my beloved ladies. Accept a huge love and respect from Sara.

I am going to start a series of questions based on my personality.

A person I'm glad to have in my life.

We are human, and live in the form of society, and in that society first thing that comes into our mind is our society is our family and in the family first thing that comes to our mind is our life partner (better half). And I am lucky in both of aspects because I have both parents and a life partner.

And it is not only a person but a whole family that I am glad to have in my life. Allah blesses me with this happiness forever. Amen

Something I find Comfort in.

Comfort in life is really much important. Inner peace of mind is necessary for a healthy life. And comfort is the result of happiness in life. And happiness comes from satisfaction in life. And satisfaction comes when you achieve whatever you want. And in my case, I remain uncomfortable most of the time.

And one more thing related to comfort is doing nothing in life gives you the comfort of the body but not the comfort of the mind. But I think this peace of mind is not beneficial, this is a headache if we see this in long term.

My favorite part of the morning

Morning as a whole is my favorite, from my early childhood I was used to waking up in the morning, and when I get a little older and reach my teenage I woke up daily in the morning I offer prayers continuously since the age of 12. Morning Prayer matters a lot to Muslims.

If this question forces me to give a specific answer about my favorite part of the morning, then it is the part of Dawn. When birds are offering prayers to GOD with their beautiful chirping sounds.

Especially these days the voice of Koyal (bird name in the local language) its real name is cuckoo. I'm in love with the voice of this bird.

My favorite memory.

Memories are always favorites, no I may be wrong here. Because not all memories are favorites of a person. Some memories are beautiful and on the other hand, some memories are heartbreaking. We have to admit this universal truth about memories.

Well, I have many beautiful memories, one of them I want to share here is when we went to the lands and fields of my grandfather. 150-kilo meters away from our house. This memory is almost 16 years old. We traveled on an ox. And you can calculate the time that going so far on an ox is so much time taking and thrilling also.

We reached there in the evening when the sun was about to set and the lands are full of yellow sand ( a mixture of soil and sand overall a fertile land, my grandparents go there every crop season to bow and crop the fields, and that time I went with them). We cooked food there eat and then sleep while listening to the roars of jackals. And woke up with the voice of a bird (teeter).

A completely natural environment. I can't forget that memory.

An accomplishment I am proud of.

Almost every accomplishment makes you feel proud. But some achievements and accomplishments are unusual and unforgettable.

And among all my accomplishments the more important is when I completed my graduation. Completion of graduation is not easy in our country it takes so much effort and time.

And I am happy about my graduation. And proud of my accomplishment.

A hidden blessing in a difficult situation.

Does having a chance of cheating in the exam will be considered a blessing? If yes, then it is true that I was blessed at that time.

It is the Story of a day when I was in the 5th semester at my university, and the subject was too difficult to get prepared for the exam. I was so much worried because our teacher was so strict. He had a nature that no one will be allowed to cheat even for a single word regarding an exam.

The whole night, while preparing for the exam, I was praying continually that

"May Allah this teacher wouldn't be available tomorrow for the exam, and someone else from the teachers will conduct our exams."

And this exactly happened what I wanted. The subject teacher was absent that day and a kind teacher conducted our exam in this way, I passed that exam (by a little bit of cheating). It was a hidden blessing for me in that difficult situation.

An opportunity I am grateful for.

Having an opportunity is important but the most important is availing that opportunity in a very good way.

And I am very grateful that I got an opportunity of writing articles on reading cash. This opportunity is not only for earning #BCH but also useful in improving my writing skills and vocabulary. It is the best opportunity for me to earn a handsome livelihood here.

I made 0.3 BCH just in 20 days here.


My favorite song, and why?

There are different songs that remained my favorite at different times. It depends on my mood.

Sometimes when I'm in good mood I like love songs, happy songs. But mostly when I have an upset mood I use to listen to classical songs, local language songs, and very lengthy songs.

My first priority in selecting music for listening to is, to select a song that has meaningful poetry, with good musical composition.

Well, UNFAK is my favorite singer and all of the musical pieces are my favorite.

A life lesson I have learned in my life.

My life is full of lessons but the most significant lesson I have learned from my life is.

“No one is loyal to you except yourself, give value to your life then give value to others, you must be your first priority over all others"

Because in hard and difficult times of your life, no one remains beside you. Everyone lefts you alone during that hard time.

So, keep others to your arm’s length.

The biggest gift in my life right now.

Life itself is a gift for me. We should be thankful to Allah for giving us a beautiful life. We should be grateful for every facility of life he provided us.

Among all these facilities.

"The biggest gift in my life is my health because health is wealth. I am grateful to God that I don't have any disease now, I am totally a healthy person"

We should be thankful to god for every part of our body.

Whenever I see disabled persons I feel pity for them. And I say thanks to my Allah for making me perfect and keeping me healthy.



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