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Date: 29 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Let's start Today's topic: More Than One Wives

The topic is about: More than one marriage.

Note: I am not a supporter of more than one marriage, and not I am against a second marriage.

Read this all patiently

Is this difficult For a Man to have more than one Wife?

NOT AT ALL:  It isn't difficult for a man to do and maintain more than one marriage, in every society. Many countries have a tradition of having more than one wife. But the situation is different here in the subcontinent (Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh). Here men have a bundle of responsibilities and can never do such things as 2nd and third marriage.

Please don't take my words negatively, my article is based on reality.

Doing second marriage is not as easy in the subcontinent, as it is in other countries. A bunch of responsibilities a man always has on his shoulders.

If he does will a second marriage he will be called to court with a case filed by his first wife, courts are full with this kind of case, that are coming every day.

And in the minds of sons, the mother imparts the situation and concept that 2nd marriage is a crime, it is not good but a very bad thing.

These responsibilities are factors that are against second, and third marriage. I will explain these factors one by one.

Factors against Second and Third Marriage:

The key factors that are a hurdle in ways of getting married 2nd, or 3rd time are.

  • Responsibility for the arrangement of the marriage of their sisters. (Saving money)

  • Saving money for their own first marriage.

  • Setting business for younger brothers, or making them able to earn their living.

  • Doing medication for their old parents.

  • Working hard for a bright future for his children.

  •  Saving money to buy dowry for his daughters.

  • And at the end, saving and spending money on medication for his own and his wife.

  • The whole life of a man in the subcontinent revolves around these factors mentioned above.

  • The poor man entangles himself in this whirlpool that way, he couldn't do second or third marriage in his whole life.

  • Now I will explain them all one by one.

Factor #1- Marriage of his Sisters:

Not in every country but in the subcontinent (Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh) it is the responsibility of a father to marriages of his daughters (in case if the sons are younger than the daughters). But if the boys are aldermen then they have responsibilities to earn money and marriage their sisters. And if he didn't do this, he will be considered disobedient. And a man never wants to be called disobedient to his parents. This is one of the characteristics of Asian men (especially in Pakistan).

Factor #2- Their own first marriage:

A man who gets an adult is asked to earn money to spend in his own marriage. In exceptional cases, it happens that, when a father of his son takes responsibility to do his marriage. The main purpose of talking about this thing is to tell you how much it is difficult to be a man here in Pakistan. First, you will save and earn money for your sister's marriage, and you will earn it again for your own. It's really demanding in this era when even earning to buy food is difficult, doing marriage is also a much more difficult task.

Factor #3- Making them (younger Brothers) able to earn their living:

Maybe you don't know, but elder brothers mostly are responsible for their younger brothers and work as their guardians, if the father wasn't able to afford the studies of his children, or if the father isn't alive. All the responsibilities would be on the elder brother's shoulders. Firstly, he will pay for all the expenses of their younger sibling’s education. If they are successful in grades and in getting knowledge, and they got a job, it's excellent. But if nothing happens like this, then the elder one will arrange money to set up a little or larger business for a younger brother. This responsibility also demands a huge amount of money.

Factor #4- Medication of their old parents:

  • Life is normal till the age of 45 years, but after that human lives on medicines. The diseases like

  •  Diabetes and

  •  High Blood pressure.

  • (These are most common, further diseases can also be a part of their old age)

  • Are common after this age. And these are the diseases that need

  • Continuous and proper medication.

  • Routine checkups.

  • Monthly insulin and

  • Tablets to control blood pressure.

  • So tackling this financial factor is also a hurdle in the way of second marriage.

Factor #5- Working hard for the bright future of his children.

Pakistan and India, including Bangladesh, are the countries where having a bunch of many children is not a big deal. And these children need not only food to be provided to them, but they also need education, clothes, and everything that could make them happy. Sometimes fulfilling their basic needs, necessary for their lives m really sucks for a poor man. This is not the end, thinking about their bright future is a huge and most important task of his life. Which will never allow him for another marriage and another bunch of children will be in his house.

Factor #6 Buy dowry for his daughters.

The worst tradition in the world and then in our subcontinent is dowry (a tradition in which parents provide their daughter [who is getting married] everything, including total furniture, total electronic goods،basin, pot, utensil, vessel).

 I am really against this tradition. It is a kind of unbearable burden for many parents. You should think with your mind that if a father is having 5 daughters. What will it cost him, to marriage, each of his daughters? We shouldn't promote dowry.

Factor #7- Spending Money on Medication of his own and his wife:

As I mentioned above 45 is the age till human life a normal life, after that, he relies on medicines.  And after completing all the responsibilities nicely, the man gets old before the real old age time, and he relies on medicines, and his one and only wife also relies on medicines.  So the end of her wish came here when the whole of his life is divided into different pieces of responsibilities. Completing each of the pieces.

  • Takes time and

  • Takes money.

Factors Supporting 2nd and 3rd Marriage.

There are many factors that were against the 2nd marriage of a man, but here are some factors that are in support of 2nd and further marriages, and these factors are the genuine reason for a man leading him towards 2nd marriage.

  • Infecundity of the first wife.

  • Women outnumber Men.

  • Quarrelsome Woman.

  • Excess of money.

It is true that factors supporting 2nd marriage are less than in numbers as compared to factors that are against end marriage. But they are important to be discussed.

So, we will discuss, each of them separately.

Factor #1- Infecundity Of the first Wife:

All of the other factors, support second marriage the major one factor is the infecund of 1st wife. It is the only factor in which the first wife herself, supports his husband to do second marriage. Yes! We know, it is a much more difficult task for the already existing wife, but she has done this for the sake of getting children. This thing is usually in the subcontinent, but not in European countries.

We can say nothing about anyone in this world, everyone has their own traditions to follow.

How a couple could live without having children? No! No one can spend his whole life with the grief of not having a child in their life. Men here have two options. 1-To get married 2nd time, and another option is, 2-To get married to another woman. And mostly he chooses 2nd option here.

Factor #2- Women Outnumber Men:

In most countries, there is a serious problem that, women are more in quantity than men. In this case, the woman has two choices.

To get married to a man who is already having a first wife. (Conservative societies, but pure ones)

To avoid marriage for the whole of her life. And live alone (without having s3x) for the rest of your life.

And we can consider another option that is. (having s3x without marrying any man) GF, BF culture.


But in Pakistan, you can't follow this third option. Here is a concept of Halal and Haram in Islam. So have a big heart, women, normalize marrying a man already having a wife, if you want to enjoy halal, and keep yourself away from halal.

I will again mention one thing, that every society has its own cultures and traditions, I am not against any of them.

Factor #3- Quarrelsome Wife:

A man expects rest and peace in his home when he gets back to his home after a long working day. He expects his wife will be there to comfort him. But when everything is totally opposite to the expectations of the husband. This situation really sucks, a man is always hungry for love, and he demands nothing from his wife, except loyalty and peace of mind. The men really get tired of quarrelsome kinds of women and they find another one for them for a happy and peaceful life.

  • It is also a free tip for all other girls like me, that

  • Prove yourself as the home for your husband,

  • Always cheer them up.

  • Always treat them as, if you are a stress reliever for them. (Yes this is an important thing for a healthy married life).

  • Never be quarrelsome, but a peaceful and happy-minded wife.

Factor #4- Excess of Money:

A question is,

"Excess of Everything is bad"

I don't know the source of this question but I have read it somewhere. And it is true that, when a man has an excess of money, he wants to spend this money on his desires and aspirations. Somehow this concept of them looks fine, for those women sitting in their parent’s houses for not having dowry to marry a man. Here Rich people came who are in search of a tight hole to do s3x with a virgin girl. (My words are a little bit hard to bear, I am sorry for that but I am telling you the truth about this society). They spend their money on doing marriages one after another and using these girls as tissue paper, (throw them after using). I am really against this kind of man.

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