The Time I Told Him I love Him

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The morning was a bit blurred; looking around I couldn't find anything.
"Hey, what are you looking for?" Tyshon asked.
"My bra," I replied softly.
Tyshon chuckled, it's above your head.
He lifted my bra with his finger and gazed at me.
"You're such a clown," I chuckled.

As I lazily rolled out of bed, my breasts swinging on my chest.
Tyshon sat up in front of me, "Am I going to see you tonight?"
"You know I work right, then I have classes, I've been here two nights straight, I need to ketch my bearings,' I replied, a bit tense.
"You don't always have to rub that you work in my face, I know you work, I just really love your company," Tyshon said, his smile lighting up the entire room.
"I love your company too, but I have shit to do; you better enjoy your freedom while you can, because all those applications we sent out yesterday, someone would be contacting you soon, I'm sure of it," I replied, trying to change the conversation.
"I guess," Tyshon replied, in a somewhat depressed tone.
"Look, If I don't get to see you tonight, tomorrow night would be fine, I just can't go two nights without you," he whaled and complained, like an infant throwing a tantrum.
"We'll see," I replied abruptly, putting on my jeans.
Tyshon grabbed my jeans as they were nearly mid-way up my legs, making me fall on my face, on the bed.

"Really!" I exclaimed, annoyed at his playfulness.
"Where are you going anyway, it's not even 8 yet, doesn't your shift start like 12:30?" Tyshon asked, in the boldest tone ever.
"Well yea, but I have other things to do, I have to wash, I have to prepare for work, my dog needs me; why do I even have to explain this to you Tyshon, like really?" I said, growing more and more annoyed.
Ignoring all the things I said, Tyshon added, " Why not move in with me, I can help you; you're just a stubborn one, aren't you?"
"Me? Stubborn?" I asked, pointing at my self while gazing at him.
"You're kidding right?" I added, looking over at the colourful clock by the bed head.
"You know what, I'm not going to get into it with you today, " I said, gently pulling my top over my head, and grabbing my phone from the dresser.

"Look, all I'm saying is, if you move in, you'll get help, all these things you have to do won't frustrate you, I got you baby," he said, holding me by my waist.
I looked down at his puppy hazel eyes and couldn't help but smile.
Tyshon was very pushy and always seemed to have his way with me.
I try my best at times to stand up to him, but I almost always fail.
This man had my heart, in the strangest type of way.
I couldn't resist his touch, his smile, the way he talks to me; even when I'm upset he still has the sweetest things to say, in the calmest way too.

"Soo?" he asked, while my thoughts wandered on about how good of a man he was.
"I don't know Tyshon, this is big, I'll have to think about it," I said, my eyes gazing through his huge glass window, where the sun shun through.
"I be in your guts, which is probably like the best part of your day, what is there to think about?" Tyshon asked, with the strangest smile on his face.
I drew back from him and shook my head, "you know, sometimes you make it seem like I'm nothing more than sex to you, nothing more than a good time."
"Woa, how the hell did you even reach there? Here I am asking you to move in with me, so I can help you, ease your burden a bit, and you think I want is sex? Come on Mallaroy, you got me f&*ked up," Tyshon said, his eyes starring at me furiously.
I thought about what I said, and it was kind of stupid, he did have a point.
"I'm sorry okay, I'm just on edge with work and everything, I'm trying to get that promotion at work, and it seems like I'm the only one who thinks I should have it and not Jennisa with her crazy ass," I whaled and complained.
"Come here," Tyshon called, hitting the bed on his side, implying that I should sit down.
I was hesitant, because I really had alot of work to do before work.
Eventually I sat beside him and he held my hands, "No matter the outcome at work, if you get the promotion or not, just know you are more than capable and qualified for that position, you shouldn't even be worrying about it, you just have to accept whatever the outcome is babe."
I smiled as I starred at the shinning wooden floor, then looked up at him.
His pink, fresh, juicy lips were there waiting to meet mine.
His hand was cold, as it lifted my chin.
I don't know what the hell happened, but the words, 'I love you,' left my lips, in the softest and most seductive tone.
Tyshon looked at me as though he saw a ghost, and he didn't respond.
I can't lie, my heart felt empty when I realized that an entire minute had passed and he didn't say a word.

How can he make love to me, so good that I cry.
Tell me all these sweet things and can't say I love you back?
It was in that moment I realized that I was emotionally attached and he wasn't, he was just being a sweetheart because he cared.
You would have thought that 6 months into dating he would feel the same way, but no.

Hours had gone by, and my mind was no longer focused on work or the promotion.
Tyshon was all I thought of, I wondered how he really felt about me.
I was confused for a while, and I didn't want to go over at his place.

Five days had passed, and every single day he both texted me and called me.
I didn't reply to any.
I was deep in thought, my feelings were hurt.
How could someone do me so wrong?
How is it so hard to say you love me back?
I couldn't understand!

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