The Journey to becoming your personal best!

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Many of us declare our desire to become our personal best, but far less seem eager, willing, and/or able to take the steps necessary to accomplish these ambitious goals! Taking personal responsibility for what you do and/or don't do, as well as how you act, and your personal priorities, experiences, needs, expectations, ambitions, and motivations/ inspirations, is essential to achieving this aim.

Individuals often ignore personal accountability, blame others for whatever goes wrong (or not, as you would hope), and/or procrastinate when constructive actions are needed, and so on! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly understand, investigate, study, and address five (5) acts that can assist one in being the best he can be.

1-Stop playing the blame game!!

Take personal responsibility: Blaming others does not improve the situation, even though you think it can! Start by giving yourself a thorough check-up from head to toe, and then devising a strategy and action plan to accomplish your best personal objectives, ambitions, and expectations!

2- Always demand your personal best.

Proceed with critical introspection such that you can consider and admit all your personal strengths and shortcomings objectively! Never consider "fair enough," but always claim the highest level of absolute perfection! Looking beyond the box, rather than settling for the same old, same old, leads to greatness! How can you be better than you've ever been unless/until you set out to be that way?

3- Consider obstacles as challenges and not problems!

Some people say it makes no difference whether you think about barriers as issues or threats. However, unless/until you perceive them as the latter, you are limiting your options! We feel as we see obstacles. We can resolve them in a constructive way, but problem-solvers often waste more time thinking about the future consequences, etc., than moving on in a timely manner!

4- Effectively use affirmations

Personal affirmations are comments we make regarding topics that are important to us! To the most powerful, substantive, and properly used, they must be phrased in the present as well as in positive words! Making an Affirmations List often unique objects, worded in the positive, is generally recommended. If you want to lose weight, for example, you can say, "I am proud of my body image and love maintaining a healthier lifestyle to uphold this." Never mention things like, "I need to lose more weight," or "I want to lose weight."

5- Be persistent, don't give up!

The most influential people had their ups and downs, but they still had the inner resilience and fortitude to persevere and continue while some gave up! Never surrender your hopes, ambitions, expectations, or interests!

Taking these five acts is an essential first step toward being your personal best! Can you do whatever you can?

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