Pretty but freaky-Part Two

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Suddenly a tall figure, very familiar to him, shadowed the ditch.

He couldn't see the face clearly, because somehow the night when even darker, and the person had a hood over their head.

"Who are you?" Peter asked, glaring up at the figure.

The figure walked slowly circled the ditch, with a card in his hand.
Jane soon stood by the side of the mysterious figure and started circling the ditch.

"You will not remember this! You will be drained! You will not remember this! You will be drained!" they chanted, still circling the ditch.

Peter, started to cold sweat; his body shaking uncontrollably.

"Jane," he said softly, hoping that she would have a change of her.

"Jane, I love you, please get me out of here," Peter said.

Jane didn't answer, instead, they started chanting louder.

Suddenly, a phone rang.

The ringtone immediately caught Peter's attention.
He couldn't believe it, it was his brother's ringtone.

"Shit!" the mysterious figure said, quickly hanging up the phone.

Peter could hear Jane and the person arguing quietly, as the person slammed the phone to the ground.

"Paul!" Peter said curiously, looking up at them.

The figure paused guiltily for a while, glaring back at Peter.

All of a sudden, Peter was struck with an ace card in his face, and he fell to the floor of the ditch.

Peter was knocked out immediately, but he woke up just about five minutes after, and the weather system completely changed.

Soon enough the night grew cold from scattered showers, and lightning cracked the sky.

Soon enough, Jane jumped in the ditch on top of Peter trying to choke him.
They rolled all over the ditch, Peter fought hard, but he didn't want to hurt her.
The struggle which seemed so real lasted for five minutes until, Peter was struck again, this time he didn't know what it was.

This time when he opened his eyes, the rain was gone, and the night was brighter than before.

"What the hell?" Peter said to himself, now concerned with the realness of the turn of events.

There was no one above the ditch anymore, and there was a wooden ladder, leaning on the inside of the ditch.

He quickly climbed up the ladder, heading back to camp.

"Jane! Paul! Lily!" Peter called, hoping that they were there.

."Hey, hey," why are you so noisy, Lily asked, walking towards Peter.

"Where is Jane and Paul?" Peter asked while he tried to catch his breath.

"Paul is here," Lily said, walking to their tent and slightly opening the front.

"What! Bro why the hell didn't you answer me then?" Peter asked curiously.

Peter realised the weird expression on his brother's face, and was bothered that he wouldn't even respond.

"Hey babe, where were you?" Jane asked, walking out from behind the tent she and Peter shared.

"Oh no, no, don't act all innocent," Peter said, stepping backwards.

"What? Babe what are you talking about?" Jane asked, walking slowly towards him.

"Bro you probably had a bad dream, you need to chill," Pau said, walking by Jane's side.

"No, no. Something happened to me out there, Jane pushed me in a f%*k#ng ditch," Peter said.

Peter found it strange how close Jane and Paul were standing, and gave them a weird look.

"He remembers does he?" Jane asked, glancing over at Paul.

"Looks like it," Paul replied.

"I don't know what kind of sick scheme you guys got going on, but I want no part of it," Peter said, quickly walking towards his tent.

As Peter hustled to take his things out of the tent to leave, his brother grabbed his feet and dragged him out.

Paul was younger than him, but he use to workout, and had way more upper body power than Peter.

Peter started yelling and kicking at Paul, "Let me go bro, I'm not playing with you!"

As Paul dragged him out, his head and back grazing on the rough naked floor, Jane started talking.

"You know we didn't want to to this, initially it was supposed to be Lily, but she's too strong. Her spirits won't allow us to do this, but it seems like you're strong too," Jane said, glaring at Peter with remorse.

"Wtf are you all talking about?" Peter asked, still laying on the floor.

"I'm sorry Peter, but you and Lily got to go," Jane said.

"Yo, bro, bro!' Peter yelled, while Paul was still dragging him towards the nearby cliff.

"If you want Jane, just take here; just take her!" Peter yelled, over and over.

Soon enough Jane started pulling Lily in the same direction, "We have no choice."

"Wth, Paul what's going on?" Lily asked.

Her little feable body didn't stand a chance against Jane's power.

Soon enough, both Peter and Lily, were are the edge of the cliff, trying to fight their way back to safety, but to no avail.

"I'm sorry Peter, you were supposed to forget," Jane said.

"Lily, you just got in the way, I'm sorry," she added.

Soon enough Peter and Lily, were falling to their death in a huge precipice.

A camp night gone wrong!

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