Personality Types (Part Two)

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Let's continue learning about the personality types.
We're going to continue from the ESFJ type.

People with the personality of the ESFJ lack popularity despite being introverts. They make up about 12 percent of the population. They enjoy social events, but they keep out of the chaos. They're spontaneous, and they put a lot of hard work into making plans. Their primary clumsiness is due to their regard for social standing. They're concerned about what people are going to say about them. They are still very rigid, making them less of an inventive clan. Criticisms make them turn their heads, yeah, they are so weak, but they are still solid in their duty and possess all their realistic skills. They are faithful and attentive to their loved ones, making them very trustworthy.

This style of personality is unusual because, despite being introverts, they are very logical. They strive to maintain very good, robust relationships with the people around them, considering their judgement. They're not exactly open to improvement, but their strengths are also their best component. They're one of the better groups on the list. They're not happy with publicity, but they're supportive and trustworthy. They're creative, but taking it a bit too personally.

These free spirits make up 7% of the audience, and the only way to find them is to look for the liveliest at any gathering. They're sentimental, to make sure they don't get into other people's shoes. Of course, all the enthusiasm and observation skills come with that but they're persevering and they know when to rest. They also prefer to think over and find it difficult to concentrate.

This personality is once again rare, but still tends to make an impression on others. They are born with a deep sense of idealism, which allows them not to be completely judged, but also to trust in the truth. They're very soft talking, but they also have clear views. Although decisive, they just don't use too much to give wings to their imagination. They are though, imaginative and have a great insight into the personalities. The persuasion skills of the INFJs are difficult to match and their zeal is their deciding element. In the other hand, they love to be private and to search for a cause before they get involved.

Although most people are attracted to ENFJ because of their personality and communicative power, it is their persuasive abilities that help them get along with the crowd. Best of all they are very tolerant and trustworthy. They are similarly constructive and strive to get straight into the brains of the people around them, using just constructive questions. ENFJs are very charismatic and of a nature that makes them so famous. They're pretty warm and think the universe is wonderful, which is what makes them born leaders, even though they seem to overdo that aspect often by being too selfless or too idealistic about something.

These people are looking to see the positive in those around them, no matter what the record is. They're always mistaken, so they want to test their choices. They are very agile and believe the most of idealism. They will get imaginative and passionate for the right kind of inspiration. While hard at work, their altruistic terms often take over their judgement. They're really impractical and always wind up taking it too seriously. They're self-conscious and private, but they can make it work.

They're generally enthusiastic about life in general. They enjoy the spotlight, and they can't help but shift the aura surrounding them to positivity. They sympathize with the feelings of others and while they may not all be the easiest people to hang out with, they can make the world around you look better. The ESFPs are rather bold and original, but they are equally realistic and available. Responsive and unfocused, these two characteristics are sometimes used a their downfall.

The ISFPs are satisfied with their personalities as a whole and strive to create peace with everyone around them. They're charming and enthusiastic, but they're still talented, so they're equally creative about everything up and about. Being really curious, they're kind of erratic, which is never a good thing. Often they're overly full, too.

Let's now look at personality types, A, B, C and D.

Type A
They are highly ambitious people, and they like to scale the performance ladder rapidly. They're easily frustrated and usually seek fast results. These people often seem to feel unsafe when faced with defeat. Whatever the situation, they're still looking forward to winning, and they don't mind challenging themselves.

Type B
These people are relaxed, cool, and competitive. The distinction between these individuals and those of Type A is the sense of desperation to succeed. Form B people are more composed and calm. They appear to force things down to the last second. Procrastination is a buzzword for people with type B.

Type C
People of type C have an eye for detail. They love to discuss every subject in depth and occasionally get lost in the process. They drive their goals and thoughts away from others. The non-assertive existence of Type C people will also get them into trouble.

Type D
They're a cynical collection of people who like to look at the world through a negative lens. They are backed by a persistent fear of disappointment, and this vulnerability leads them to stay away from others.

Evaluation and Final Words

With all of this being said, we need to remember that none of us are perfect and there is always room for improvement.
No matter your personality type, we're all unique in our own way and should employ to all be respectful, well mannered and motivated individuals to contribute to an ever-growing society.
It is your duty to find your weaknesses and strive to become better day by day.

Don't you agree?

Thanks so much for reading!

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