Naughty Nights (Part Two)

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3 years ago

Cally could feel the atmosphere become alot more colder as she walked down the stairs.

"Damn, does it have air condition down here?" she asked herself under her breath.

"It doesn't actually," Ian said, surprising her at from the behind the door; no shirt and in his boxers.

Cally's eyes scanned his body a few times, hoping that it wasn't obvious.

She looked around the room, and was actually surprised that a basement could look so good.

Ian excitedly walked to the bed and dived front first onto it.

"Are you always this shy?" Ian asked, sitting up on his left hand, and his feet arched on the bed.

"Is it that obvious?" Cally asked, slowly walking over to the bed.

"Well yea, you're so tense, you should lighten up sometimes," Ian said.

"Come one," Ian called, smiling at her.

Cally kept looking around, she was nervous because she didn't think they would be sharing a bed.

Cally nervously sat on the side of the bed, and said, "Damn!"

"What is it?" Ian asked.

"I'll definitely need a cover, it's cold down here, and I'm still curious as to why?" she said, glaring around the room.

Ian chuckled and said, "Don't worry, I have covers down here."

"Make yourself comfortable," Ian said, giving her the blanket and then walking into one of the adjacent doors.

Cally got comfy in bed and started reading her favourite book.
Reading usually helped her sleep, so she was finishing up a few paragraphs of her second to lass chapter before bed.

When she checked her phone, she had been reading for at least thirty minutes and Ian still ha'n't come out of the room yet.
Cally had no idea what was behind the door, but she assumed that it was a bathroom.

She felt like knocking on the door but she didn't want to evade his space any more than she was.

The bed was comfy, and the blanket felt so soft on Cally's skin, she fell asleep almost instantly.

About 2 am, Cally got up to use the bathroom and realise that the basement door was shut and it was way darker than it was when she went to bed.

Cally got up, reaching for her phone on the side table.

She put on the torchlight and recognised Ian was sleeping on a beanbag.

"What the," Cally said to herself, shinning the light on him.

As the light passed across his body, she realised a scratch on his chest.

It was a huge scratch, very hard to ignore, she had to shine the light again.

"What the f*#k," she said to herself, walking over to him.

It looked like someone with sharp nails, scrapped a long line along his chest.

Cally's bladder soon grabbed her attention, so she briskly walked to the what she thought was the bathroom.

The door was slightly cracked and it was extremely dark.

The room smelled kind of old, and musty.

As she searched for the light, a cold breeze brushed across her neck.

She didn't pay it any mind, because she really needed to pee.

After minutes of struggling to find the light switch, Ian touched her on her shoulder, "What are you doing?"

"Ahh!" Cally exclaimed in fright.

"What the hell, I thought you were sleeping," Cally said, her heart racing like crazy!

Ian ignored her remark and replied sternly, "What are you looking for?"

He gently pulled her from under the door frame and closed the door.

Cally thought that his reaction was awkward, but she told him that she needed to use the washroom.

"It's that door," Ian said, pointing at the other door.

"Right thank you," Cally said, awkwardly glaring at him as she walked away.

When Cally went back to bed, her eyes only opened again at eight am in the morning and to her surprise, Ian was in the bed with her.

The night went strangely for Cally, she wasn't even sure what was going on with the basement, she just knew Ian was behaving weird towards the darkroom.

As she rolled over to get up, Ian's hand trapped her, "You slept goof beautiful?"

Cally, looked at him and smiled, "I did."

It was only then Cally realised that her bra was off, and her tights were off.

She jumped up quickly from the bed and gazed at Ian.

Ian got up and looked at her confused face, "What's wrong?"

"What happened?" Cally asked in concern, her eyes becoming watery.

"Ummm, nothing happened," Ian said confidently, putting on his clothes that were laying over on the chair.

Cally had so many questions, she quickly dismissed that one and asked Ian about the darkroom.

"It's my art room, why?" he asked.

"h nothing," Cally said, quickly putting on her clothes to go upstairs.

Ian walked briskly behind her and held her hand before she could walk up the stairs, "Anything that you didn't want to happen, happened okay."

"Right," Cally said, roughly pulling her hands from him.

It's time to go boating, do you think Cally would let it rest?
Would she investigate the darkroom with her friend Eva?

Do you think Ian raped her?

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3 years ago


I doubt ian could rape her when there weren't any indications but maybe it was a creature of sorts. What's next?

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3 years ago

My mind just goes with the flow. More coming soon.

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3 years ago

Okiee imma just stay tuned

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