Naughty Nights (Part Three)

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3 years ago

"I think you're being dramatic," Eva said, staring at Cally as she explained her interesting night.

"What? Are you kidding? Why would he be so overprotective of some dark musty room?" Cally said, her hands on her hips, glaring at Eva.

"Look I don't know, maybe his grandparents have old antique stuff in there that they don't want anyone to touch," Eva exclaimed, while packing her bags.

"And as it pertains to your clothes coming off, I don't know, maybe you were sleepwalking and took them off yourself, you naughty lil girl," Eva grinned.

"Wow, that's really what you think?" Cally paused.

"I really don't know, I just think you're making a big deal out of nothing," Eva said.

"We have to go out to the boat soon, and you're not packing," Eva added.

"Ughhh," Cally said, rolling her eyes at Eva.
Cally thought that Eva was just letting the night's events slide, she just knew there was something strange going on.

None the less, they packed their bags and headed out to the boat.

"Alright guys the boat is coming back in," Ian said, looking out on the lake.

"I hope you all packed the things I told you to, it's gonna be a long trip," Ian added.

Ian stood at the edge of the boat, guiding the females into the boat.
Khalisises went in, followed by Eva and finally it was Cally's turn.

She couldn't look Ian in his eyes, she still couldn't neglect the thought that something weird happened between them the night before.

She slightly slouched her head down, glaring at his hand and the beautiful clear water below.

Cally walked in and sat right beside Eva.
"What is wrong with you, you look uneasy and awkward as hell coming in the boat," Eva said.

"You know what it is, don't get smart with me," Cally said, rolling her eyes.

Eva just shook her head and leaned over at the glass-bottomed area of the boat.

"Wow, this is so gorgeous," Eva said, taking out her phone.

The boat travelled slowly along the lake, while they played games and sang their favourite songs.

It was a gorgeous day, but Cally somehow couldn't focus.

Every time she heard Ian's voice, was the more she didn't want to be there.

Eva then hit Cally on her should, "Oh my gosh can you lighten up, you're killing my vibe."

Cally rolled her eyes at Eva and looked over the tall edge of the boat.

Soon enough they were travelling down a small channel.

Ian announced with a smile, "Okay guys, we're nearing our let off point, and this is where those hiking boots I told yall to pack is going to come in." Callybreathed a huge sigh, and grabbed her small travel bag.

She said under her breath, "This is gonna be a long ass day."

The group gathered on the walkway awaiting instructions from Ian.

"There is no way, we're climbing up that tall ass mountain," Khalisie said, gazing at the tall terrain.

Everyone chuckled and looked at Ian for an answer.

"Guys come on, the hill isn't that tall, you 'll all make it," Ian chuckled.

Khalisie rubbed her head in concern.
Derek then walked to her side and rubbed her hands, "I got you."

Everyone looked at them weirdly, it was obvious that something was going on between the two.

Ian looked at them, then back at the group, "anyway, let's head over and get our gears, it's gonna be a long way up."

"Man, if we could have been on the boat all day; that would have been great," Zack said, despising the tall mountain.

Ian laughed, "Bro, you're an athlete, why you complaining?"

"It's the fact that you told us, it was a boat ride, and now we're walking bro," Zack laughed. "So misleading," Zack added.

Ian laughed, "you all just heard the word boat and didn't listen to the rest of my explanation."
.............................................................................................................................................................It had been thirty minutes since they were walking and Khalisie screamed at the colourful snake that was across the pathway.

"It's just a Python, it won't harm you, just walk around guys," Ian said, walking up in the front.

Khalisie was still terrified on the snake, walking around was still too close to danger for her.

Derek lifted her up on his shoulder and walked around the snake.

Khalisie was surprised at how strong he was, so much so that he put her down her smile was so wide, spanning from ear to ear.

"Dam bro," Ian said, amazed at his action.

Derek laughed, flexing his muscles after putting Khalisie down.

"Alright guys, just about ten more minutes, and we should be there," Ian said.

"Damn so close to the snake, is our stop point," Khalisie said, looking back in the tracks.

"Ha ha ha would you stop," Ian laughed.
............................................................................................................................................................."Damn look at this view," Cally said loudly, while looking through small patch between the trees.

"Gorgeous right?" Ian replied, looking at Cally.
Cally shyly turned away from him and just nodded.

"This is basically the back of the bay, we were out at the front a while ago," Ian explained.

"Oh my gosh can we get at the river already, I need the water to touch my skin," Eva said.

"Oh, we're really close," Ian said, walking up a little incline.

"Oh my, this is gorgeous," Cally said, walking to the edge of the rocks.

"It sure is," Eva said, dropping her bags on the bag and quickly taking off her clothes.

"Hey hey, the water might be really cold, take your time," Ian said, gently tugging on Eva's hand.

"Oh don't worry, I'm a big girl, I can handle it," Eva replied.

"Alright then," Ian said, glaring at her as she climbed in.

"Aren't you going in?" Ian asked Cally.

"Yea," Cally replied shyly.

"Ok," Ian said.

"So guys we're spending just about two hours here, we have to head up at the top for lunch and then down back before dark," Ian said.

"Damn this trip is a whole workout," Khalaisies said, taking off her top.

Ian laughed and shook his head.

Cally was having a really great time, her mind eased from the weird encounter her and Ian had the night before.

Everything was going great until Khalisie ended topless above the river.

"What the hell," Cally exclaimed gazing at Khalisie's topless body.

"Oh my gosh," Eva said, peeking through the space between her fingers.

"Ian I know this is your doing," Derek said, hitting him on the shoulders.

Ian just sat in the small pool of water laughing.

Derek quickly ran to her, to wrap her with her towel on the side of the bank.

Cally tried to interpret the discourse between Ian and Derek.

"Eva what the hell, you heard that?" Cally said.

"I think Ian is involved in some pretty dark stuff, it's like he set some kind of trance on her to take off her clothes," Cally added.

"Yea girl I heard, that's some weird shit, and he's sitting there and laughing. Khalisie doesn't even seem like her normal self," Eva said.

"Wtf," Cally said, glaring at Ian.

"Now I'm thinking he probably tried that same weird shit with you," Eva said.

"Oh now, you're acknowledging what I was saying," Cally said.

Do you think Ian has some kind of weird stuff going on?
If so, what you think it is?

Part Four coming soon!


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3 years ago


Ehh is this a telekenetic hypnotism of sorts? But it's getting nicer somehow

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3 years ago

Lol I love your optimism. And it just might be that, we'll see. HA HA.

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Hey, I've been following this series of yours for a while now and now i just wanna see what's next

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Yes I'm aware. Appreciate u for following.

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This story is getting more and more exciting with each chapter... WOW.

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very erotic and intriguing ..

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Thank u

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