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3 years ago

The bottle definitely landed on you Cally, Eva said glaring at Cally with the weirdest smile.

There's no way I'm kissing him, Cally said, looking over at Derek in disgust.

"You think you're all that huh?" Derek asked, his face twisted disgustingly at Cally.

"I don't think, I know I'm hot, actually way out of your league. There is no way your filthy tongue is going in my mouth!" Cally exclaimed.

Cally you knew what this entailed before you started playing, you're such a drama queen, Ian said, glaring around the entire circle.
"Eva you're next," Paul added, rolling his eyes at Cally.

Cally didn't dear answer Ian, after all, she had a huge crush on him.
Ian was the instigator of the trip, and well, it was his grandparents cabin that they were staying in. The last thing she wanted to do was piss him off.

Cally sat quietly as Eva spin the bottle.
"Damn Zack, you've been kissing all night, give somebody else a chance," Ian chuckled, as the bottle stopped on him.

Eva walked over to him with the brightest smile on her face, her arms shyly wrapped over each other behind her back.

Cally rolled her eyes at Eva, as their tongues entangled with each other.
"Ok Eva, okayyy!" Cally said, insinuating that they were kissing for too long.

"Hey, people are actually trying to have fun, unlike you Cally!" Derek whaled, glancing over at Ian and laughing.

"Come on bruh, leave that alone," Ian said, pointing at Khalisie.
"You're next," Ian said.

Khalisie smiled and looked over at Derek before she spun the bottle.
The circle grew awkwardly quiet as the bottle swirled and twirled.

When the bottle stopped, Khalisie couldn't stop smiling.
Derek seemed flattered himself, someone actually wanted to kiss him.

Derek blurted, "You see Khalisie has taste, unlike you Cally, you can't recognise a good man when you see one."

"Ewwww!" Cally said, rolling her eyes at him as him and Khalisie's kissed.

Ian chuckled and shook his head, reaching for the bottle.

Cally glared closely at the bottle, she couldn't wait to see who Ian would get.

Not even for a second Cally thought it would have been her. Her heart started racing uncontrollably as the bottle slowed down in front of her.

"Ewww," Derek laughed and teased, looking at Cally then at Ian.

Ian chuckled and called Cally over to him in a very seductive manner.
His index finger bending in and out, and his tongue neatly moisturized his lips.

Ian stood as Cally walked over to him, and gave her the hottest kiss the group had seen for the night.
The circle grew quiet, not a person told them to stop!
Ian found himself grabbing on rubbing on Cally's ass, way more heat than the groups of friends could have handled.

"Alrighty then!" Eva said loudly, hoping that they would stop.

Ian then pulled out from the kiss, and chuckled at Derek, "and that's how you do it."

Cally didn't approve of him touching her like that, but she liked him and she wanted to seem cool, so she let it slide.

While walking back to Eva, Cally smiled, and bounced her body on her tippy toes, while biting her lips.

"You little slut!" Eva chuckled, pulling her to sit down next to her.

As they were about to start a new round, Eva said, "Ok guys, I'll call it a night."
"Yea same for me," Cally said, standing same time as Eva.

Ian looked at his watch and breathed a huge sigh, "Yea, I think that's it for me too guys, we have the boat trip tomorrow, soooo.."

"Damn, you guys hate to see a good time," Derek said, looking around at others in the circle who seemed as though they had enough too.

The game automatically scraped, and it was time for bed.

"You know there are literally two empty rooms upstairs, I don't get why we have to sleep this close together," Cally whaled, as she walked in the room.

"You know I've explained that to you guys already, but you're more than welcome to come sleep with me in the basement," Ian said, still flirting with Cally.

Cally smiled and looked over at Eva.
Derek walked down the stairs and exclaimed, "you know where to find me."

"I know you're not thinking about it," Eva said, glaring at Cally.
"I mean why not everybody thinks I'm no fun, what a way to prove them wrong," Cally said, walking closer to the stairs.

"Yea, I don't think that is a great way to prove you're fun Cally, you're smarter than that," Eva said.

"Am I really? Cally asked, her head shoved to the floor.

"What the, what kind of stupid question is that? Are you kidding me?" Eva said, staring at her.

"Tell me, Cally, before I shut the door down here," Ian said, in the softest and calmest tone.

Cally totally dismissed the conversation and slowly walked down the stairs.

How do you think Cally's Night would go?
What kind of person do you think Ian is?

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3 years ago


This is good.

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3 years ago

She could be a human sacrifice but omg i wanna see some action right there. Will you be writing the next part soon?

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3 years ago

Ha ha. Nice idea. Yes part two soon.

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3 years ago

Did you already post it? I only managed time to get to my notifs now ;;-;;

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3 years ago

Yes I did

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3 years ago

This story is outstanding. Wow. Very interesting dear.

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3 years ago

wow nice thought. I like this story. I have also a story that is be similar of this story. thank for shareing this story. I like it so much

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3 years ago

Thank you. You're welcome.

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3 years ago