Murder at 909 BeeAvenue-Part Two

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"Hey babe, babe," Stephen called, peeping through our living room window.
"What is it?" I asked, walking briskly behind him.
"What the hell is Jeffery doing here?" I asked curiously, rushing to the front door.
"Hey, what are you doing, you don't know if he might hurt you too," Stephen said, reaching for my hands to hold me back.
"Are you kidding?" Stephen couldn't hurt a fly, "I said, rushing out the front door.

"Hey Jeffery!" I called, stopping him at the front door of my grandmother's house.
"Oh, hey Daysha," he replied with the weirdest smirk on his face.
"What are you doing here?" i asked, my hands gently resting on my hips.
"What you mean Daysha? I used to live here you know?" he replied rhetorically.
"Yea, like two months ago, I thought you would have fully moved out by now," I replied, with the most judgmental look on my face.
"I have a few more stuff here, so I came to collect," Jeffery replied in a rush, slowly talking up the stairs.
"Oh, okay," I replied softly.

"I wasn't comfortable with him, just showing up at the house. Grandma Nan only have a caretaker now, and I' not sure if Jeffery would take advantage of the situation.
"I'll come in and help you," I offered, walking closely behind him.
"No, that's fine, I got it, the things are already packed in a small box in the basement," he demanded, standing over me and looking down.

"Well okay," I replied, sitting down on the stairs.
"You don't have to do that Daysha, I'll be out of here soon!" he added, gazing at me as though he was annoyed.

"I stood quickly to my feet and looked him in his eyes," seems like you're bothered by my presence, why?"
"Look, I don't want no trouble okay, it's just that you're behaving like I'm moving with the entire house," he replied sternly.

"That is nowhere near my thoughts Jeffery, all you need to know is I have every right to be here and even much more authority than you," I replied.

Jeffery chuckled, glared at the front door then back at me; "no wonder Dayna thought you were annoying, you really are."

I rolled my eyes at Jeffery, I was tempted to give him a piece of my mind, but he wasn't worth my time and energy.

Jeffery chuckled again, then walked inside, slamming the front door behind him.

"You don't pay any bills to be slamming the door like that! Asshole!" I exclaimed, folding my hands, standing on the stairs.

I glared over at my house and saw my fiancé glaring at me, showing me a signal to come over.

"Not now!" I said softly, crossing my hands to make an x.

Stephen was quite demanding in his hand signs, it seemed urgent.
I walked briskly over to the house and walked into the porch, 'what is it Stephen?"

"You're gonna wanna see this," he said, dragging me by the arm to go upstairs.
I was concerned, Stephens face was filled with amusement, he looked like he had seen a ghost or something.

When we got to our master bedroom, on the same side as my grandma's house, he walked to the window.
I paused and glarred at him, "What is it Stephen?"
I impatiently stomped my foot, and folded my hands.
"Just come on, come here," he said, slowly pulling back the curtain.
"Explain how the hell, Grandma Nan is standing?" Stephen said, the curtain barely pulled back.

"What!!! I exclaimed loudly, running up behind him, and pulling the curtain back even further.
I glarred out the window for a while, my mouth open wide; "there is no way that's grandma nan."
"Umm, we both know the caretaker doesn't have all that size, so if not any of them, who the hec is it?" Stephen asked.
"I don't know, but I'm sure going to find out," I replied, my hands stressfully passing through my hair.

As I walked briskly up my grandmother's stairs, Jeffery was rushing out.
I looked him up and down, as he faked a smile and told me goodbye.
I nodded my head, and went on my way, quickly stomping my way upstairs.

"Grandma!" I called softly, Patrice peeking her head by the end of the hallway.
I walked calmly into Grandma's room and realized she was on the edge of the bed, her legs crossing over the other.

I glarred at her legs, the back at her.
The question almost came out my mouth, although I know it was 'hella' stupid; I almost asked if she was standing at the window?
That would have been, just about the dumbest question I would ask in my entire life.
I walked over closer to her, lifting her legs and pushing her body further onto the bed.

"How are you Grandma?" I asked.
"I'm fine," she mumbled, pointing at Patrice to show me that is was time for her lunch.
"Oh, lunch time, I see; you want me to help you into your wheelchair?" I asked.
"Thank you dear," Grandma Nan said, smiling at me.
As I walked around the other side of the bed, I realised, that there were loose socks on the floor; "Whose sock are these I asked?"
Grandma Nan totally ignored my question as she she stretched for my hand.
Patrice overheard my question and answered, "those are mine."
"Ohh k," I mumbled, curious as to why they were in my grandmother's room.

Alot of strange stuff was happening today, and I really couldn't put anything together, I had way more questions than answers, and it didn't help that I was still mourning the loss of my sister.

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