Murder at 909 BeeAvenue-PART ONE

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Daysha's body was slumped over, her back barely braced on the wall. I couldn't bare to see my sister like that, I was a mess. My body was shaking non-stop, I literally froze at the doorway. I knew she was gone, her peaceful soul had already left her body; it was only a matter of time before the ambulance came.

As the paramedics walked in, I couldn't get over the fact that my big sister would be gone forever. I wouldn't be able to vent to her anymore, ask for advice or share anymore memories with her. I gazed at the medics as they checked her pulse, and showed each other a sign that I knew was not good. I ran up the stairs, my face soaked in tears.

"Grandma Nan," I said, laying beside her bed.
"Please tell me you know what happened, please," I cried, tugging on the side of her bed.

"Jeffery," she said, glaring at me, without any emotion.
"What about him grandma?" I asked curiously.

"He was here," she said.
She added with a screeching voice; "he was here, they were arguing, and then I heard a loud crashing sound."

I thought to myself, "that would explain all the glass on the ground, surrounding Dayna.

"Grandma, you could have called someone, the phone is right beside your bed for a reason," I said tearfully.
Grandma Nan replied in a whisper, as though she didn't want me to hear; "service was out, it was like he knew I would try to call."

Jeffery was never aggressive with Dayna, I didn't think he had it in him, to hurt her. Though grandma Nan described their argument and he was supposedly the last one to see her alive, I had my doubts. Jeffery was a good man.

"Knock, Knock," I heard, on the door behind me.
"Are you Daysha?" a guy dressed in all black asked, glaring at me.
"Yes," I replied softly, my eyes still watery.
"I'm detective Brown and with me, is detective Cadoo, we'll like to ask you a few questions," he sternly propmted.
I glanced at grandma Nan, then back at the detectives.
The last thing I wanted to do was talk to detectives, but it didn't seem like I had a choice.

I walked towards them and detective Brown lifted his hands to a chair in the hallway, ushering me to sit down. He pulled out his small notepad and began his interrogation with a loud sigh.

"So miss Martinez, what is your relation to the victim?" detective Brown began.
"She was my eldest sister," I replied under my breath.
"Was?" the detective asked, his eyebrows raised awkwardly.
I sat forward, wondering if I was hearing right.
"Wait, wait, you mean she's alive?" I asked, my hands shaking nervously.
"Well yes, that's the information we received when we got here," detective Brown said, Cadoo nodding his head in agreement.

Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound. I excused myself from the detectives presence and ran to grandma Nan's room. "Grandma, are you okay?" I whaled, briskly pushing the door open. Her legs were oddly placed over her wheelchair that was beside her bed. I am not sure exactly what happened, but grandma wasn't able to move her legs for approximately eight (8) years now.
I glared at her leg and then at her face; though her face was usually the same for fear, anger, sadness and happiness, I could tell something was bothering her.

Grandma Nan looked up at me, "did he just say she is still alive?"
"Yes, I gave up too fast, I ran away, I couldn't bare to see her like that, but now I feel so bad, knowing that I could have stayed and comforted her, until the medics came," I whaled, until I ran out of breath.
Grandma Nan stared at me, her eyes told me that she wasn't pleased with the update. She didn't say another word.
I smirked and gently lifted her leg back on the bed.
I need to go finish my conversation with the detectives, I'll be back.

When I got back, detective Brown was busy on his phone, while detective Cadoo glared at his phone. Detective Brown turned around with a strange look on his face,' Ms Martinez, we would have to reschedule this season, something came up."

"Um, okay, that's fine, I live right next door." I replied, a bit relieved that I did not have to deal with answering any questions, at least not right now.

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