Is your money really yours?

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Men are getting wiser, and they are thinking of man new ways to steal your hard-earned money. Have you ever thought about the methods they are utilising now, and what they may come up with next?

You might not be thinking about it, but it's surely something you should look into and be aware of. Your money is your future, and we all want a bright future.
Secure it!

Let's look at some ways that hackers can rob you.

1- Health Insurance

Medical costs are on a steep climb and there doesn't seem to be any turning back soon. Alot of people could barely afford to pay for some of their treatments, and to know that there are people out there trying to steal from these kinds of people is just sick.
You may be shocked that even the insurance system can be hacked,' and you might be paying the premium for others.
These identity thieves will obtain all medical benefits you have paid for and you will not know unless you are actually in need of emergency attention.

2- Chat Override

Cases have happened in the past when hackers override a company's chat dashboard and talk and make business with your clients and customers.
An instant messaging app, used by organisations, teams and companies for close contact announced back in February 2015 that they were hacked. The hackers stole encrypted passwords and other user details for 2% of their customers. This incident caused many other apps to switch to a two-factor authentication apart from asking their users to change their passwords frequently.
Honestly, this does not stop the hackers, it just gives them a harder time to get in.
However, it's great that the app producers took the initiative to secure their platform.

This goes to show, that hackers are trying their hand at any platform possible.
They would go the extra mile to find any personal data about major companies and their customers.

Crazy right?

3- Your Tax funds

Generally, you would have filed your returns by 15th of April but the IRS won't be checking it until late in June-July. This gives hackers a lot of window to steal your social security number and name and file a fake tax return and get the refund on their accounts. When you notice that your return application has been rejected, the money would be long gone.

4- Your credit cards

This is one of the most feared ways of loosing money by a majority of people in the world.
I must admit me, too. I would be very skeptical with the areas where I put in my credit card info, even in trusted sites that I use frequently, I still get the thought at the back of my head, that they could do some sketchy stuff with my card information.

Using your bank login details, social security and email, criminals will be happily running debts in your name until your credit reaches it limit. It is therefore necessary that you review your credit reports more frequently and report transactions that you don't recognize.

Criminals would willingly run debts in your name before your credit hits its cap using your bank login info, social security and email. Therefore, it is important that you payclose attention to your credit reports and track transactions that you do may seldom forget.

5- Social Hacks

Most of us won't hesitate twice before calling for any emergency money from a friend in need. There have been times, though, where you have directly moved the money to a stranger's account after he compromised the social account of your friend and asked for assistance through the chat box. Such scammers, referred to as "social engineering," ride on your popularity and trick you into sending money.

6- Ransom

This is among the scariest of the Internet scams that have been going. A "Ransomware virus" will be used by hackers and will encrypt all the files on your personal PC u ntil you send a large sum to the hacker's account, you won't be able to retrieve these files! Well, you do not have a choice in this era of knowledge.

The key to maximum security lies in the basics. Change your passwords, keep your antivirus software updated, don't visit suspicious links, don't store confidential details on your email or phone and double-check whenever you are dealing with your financial details on the internet.

What ways are you concerned about hackers getting your money?
Let's discuss.

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